The age old security blanket.

security blanket

I believe every child has this notion of something they hold very sacred to their hearts and overall well being. That is of a particular stuffed animal, doll, or like for me – a blanket.

Correction – they weren’t even really blankets as what you would think in the traditional sense, they were cloths, I actually think they were cloth diapers or something of that nature (not used – thank you!). Point is, I wouldn’t go anywhere without them. Those blankets were something that I knew very well, in this new scary world that I was growing and becoming more exposed to. The familiarity of the texture, smell, and feel when I nuzzled my face into it… really made me feel safe. It was the one thing that stayed the same in my ever changing world. I’m not going to lie, there are some days where I feel I need those blankets now in my life!

This is one reason I hold blankies in such high regard, I’m biased towards the blankie from my past experiences. I do hope our bamboo blankies can serve a multitude of purposes in your little ones life, from swaddling to burping to just plain old snuggling. I hope they live a full life and are able to grow with your babies till they are tattered and drool stained, just as mine were.

What was your go-to thing as a kid?