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Winter Activities For Little Ones

Winter Activities For Little Ones

What are you and the kids doing today? The humdrum winter weather may put you in a bit of a rut and deplete your parental creativity. Don’t fret! If you’re running out of things to keep your little ones busy, we’re here to help. We’ve assembled a list of 10 things you and your kids can do to have fun throughout the cold months.


1. Host nature bingo

Who says bingo has to take place in a bingo hall? Write down a list of birds, animals, or objects for your little ones to locate. Layer up in outdoor gear and go for a walk in the backyard, the neighbourhood, park, or trail. When they see one of the bingo items, tick it off the list, and surprise them with one fact about it to get their imaginations going.


2. Build a snowman

If winter is known for one thing, it’s the unpredictable coldness. At a certain temperature, the cold turns moisture into a fun sculpting project(if you’re lucky to live where it snows). Take out a scarf and carrot and make a snowman. Feeling extra inspired? Try to make a tunnel or igloo that your kids can crawl through.


3. Go on a nature walk

Winter creates beautiful scenery and makes a perfect afternoon walk in the crisp cold—regardless of the weather. Bundle up and get outside in nature—the great outdoors is wonderful for fresh air, burning off some energy, and mental health benefits. For older kids, rent, borrow, or buy some snowshoes to explore areas that aren’t accessible with regular snow boots.


4. DIY seasonal crafts

Busy little hands are a parent’s dream. Paint winter scenes, cut out pictures from magazines, or make your own seasonal crafts using items you might otherwise recycle, donate, or throw away. Challenge your wee ones to imagine and create winter characters with everyday household items, such as a whisk, cereal box, dustpan, or whatever else you find.

You can also use playdough you have (or make some from scratch) and build snowmen, penguins, polar bears, or other winter characters. Decorate these winter buddies with beads, buttons, and other craft materials you have at home.


5. Write a Winter Story

Use the creations you and your little ones made during craft time as the main characters in a story. Tell the story campfire-style sitting on the floor in the living room, write it down, or turn it into an improvised play or puppet show.


6. Board games

Board games are meant to be played; don’t let them sit around gathering dust! Board games are a great way to involve the whole family in an indoor activity. Games can be silly or strategic and get kids thinking on their feet. Introduce your little loves to some of your favorite childhood games and see if they like it as much as you did!


7. Build an indoor fort

Have your littles rally their inner architect and design an awesome place for indoor play. Gather your softest blankets, cushions, and sheets for a cozy evening in. You can read, play games, tell stories, look through old photos, and get in some quality bonding time together.


8. Make flower seed bombs

Get ready for the bloom of spring with an indoor planting project. With just five ingredients, you can introduce little ones to gardening in a really fun and experimental way.For tried and true see bombs, check out our recommendation here.


9. Bake, cook, make smoothies

Every chef needs a sous chef. Most kids want to help in the kitchen; give them a taste of their first ever cooking class and have them help stir, add ingredients, and taste test.

What’s on the menu? Ask your little bubs what cravings they have and integrate that into a healthy snack. No matter if it’s snowing or raining outside, they can enjoy their culinary creations inside thefort they built.


10. Yoga or meditation exercise

Stretching and breathing are good for the soul—whether or not your little ones truly understand the meaning of it yet! Yoga and meditation can help calm children down when they get overwhelmed or excited. It’s a terrific family activity with plenty of health benefits for everyone!


Bored kids don’t exist on our watch. Keeping your child busy and engaged minimizes screen time and creates incredible family memories. Make it a mission to try all of our winter activities—and don’t forget to take pictures!

What are your favorite ways of keeping your little ones busy in the winter time? Let us know in the comments.