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6 best baby shower gifts for new parents

6 Best Baby Shower Gifts For New Parents

What is the best baby shower gift to give an expecting couple? A baby shower is a time for celebrating the upcoming arrival of a sweet new baby, and you want to give a gift that's thoughtful and appreciated. Whether or not the parents-to-be have a registry, here are some shopping tips and unique baby shower gift ideas they will cherish. 

Tips for Buying the Best Baby Shower Gift

The best baby shower gift ideas come from a thoughtful place. Consider what the new parents value—sustainability, quality, longevity, or all of the above. You want to give their sweet newborn something they will use and love. Before shopping for a baby shower gift, read these tips on buying the best newborn gifts.  

Get New Parents Practical Gifts

Buying newborn shoes as a baby shower gift is tempting because they're so tiny and adorable (we love them, too!). Though cute, save footwear as a gift for after the baby takes their first steps—perhaps as a first birthday present instead.

The best baby shower gifts are ones that are practical and used often throughout the first year. These gifts may not be as flashy as other baby shower gifts, but they will certainly be appreciated by the new parents whenever they use them.

If you're a parent, consider buying an item you found helpful when your little one was born. New parents appreciate gifts that make their lives easier, soothe their little love, or help them feel more organized so they can channel moments of calm throughout the day and night. 

Nest Designs swaddle blanket

Think Beyond the Newborn Days

Parents typically receive necessities to help them through the newborn days at a baby shower. Though these itsy bitsy clothes are so sweet, the average baby outgrows newborn sizes within a few short weeks. Instead, be the baby shower party guest who gives a thoughtful gift that becomes well-loved when the little bubs is a few months older.  

Instead of buying a baby shower gift sized for the first six months, give something the new parents will need for the latter half of the baby's first year. The new parents will appreciate your forethought!

Waterproof Change Pads Bamboo & Organic Washcloths Crib Sheets

Consider the Colour Scheme or Theme

Parents usually have a colour scheme or theme chosen ahead of time for the baby's room or nursery. This could be a particular colour palette or motifs of rainbows, wild animals, dinosaurs, mountains, etc.

Typically, parents like to match their baby's clothing or other items to this vision. If you are unsure of their aesthetic, we suggest buying a baby shower gift in a soft, neutral hue. Nest Designs basics are soft and sweet gender neutral outfits made for any baby, and you can get matching outfits for moms and dads, too!

Nest Designs Safari Party

6 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Bring smiles to new parents' faces when they open up your unique baby shower gift. Here are some of our favourite gifts to give to celebrate new babies coming into the world.

1. Swaddle Sleep Sacks & Sleep Bags

Swaddle sleep bags are a wearable blanket that helps newborns feel safe, snug, and loved while helping new parents feel at ease as their baby dozes off. Nest Designs sleep bags are made from soothing, sustainable fabrics that are gentle on the planet and baby's skin. Parents love these newborn sleep sacks because they adapt to growing babies as their needs change.

The velcro swaddle wings comfort wee ones to help them sleep soundly in the newborn phase and wrap around their bellies like a hug when they are a little bigger. Once they have outgrown the wings, the swaddle wings come off, turning the swaddle sleep bag into a comfy sleeveless sleep bag. Nest Designs sleepwear also includes toddler sleep sacks and sleep suits.

When buying a sleep sack for a baby, make sure to select one with an appropriate TOG. This industry measurement tells you how insulating the fabric is—the higher the TOG rating, the warmer it keeps a little one. (Learn more about TOG ratings.)

Read more about sleep bags

Nest Designs swaddle sleep bag

2. Timeless Baby Clothes

Baby clothes with evergreen designs and gender neutral colours become foundational pieces for a newborn's wardrobe. Some of the best newborn gifts are clothes that are beautiful for first babies and stay cute when they become hand-me-downs to younger siblings, other family members, or friend's babies.

Nest Designs kimono onesies are a newborn essential that is oh-so-soft to the touch. Parents love how the snaps along the side make it easier to dress their baby by eliminating the need to pull it over their little head.

For playful parents who will likely have playful kids, Nest Designs rompers are every little adventurer's best friend. Made for movement and exploration, our adorable rompers come in sweet hand-drawn prints or gender-neutral hues.

At Nest Designs, we make premium baby clothes that take little ones from playtime to bedtime.

Shop our timeless designs

Nest Designs rompers

3. Dry Wipes

Include biodegradable dry wipes with your baby shower gift and help parents keep themselves and their babies clean. These versatile wipes are a parent's best friend when spills, spit-ups, and other messes happen throughout the day (they even work as a liner in a reusable diaper!). Having soft and sustainable, toxin-free wipes on hand helps parents out in a pinch, and they will definitely appreciate them.

For a unique baby shower gift, give the new parents a stockpile of these gentle organic cotton wipes made to clean sensitive skin from head to toe.

Nest Designs dry wipes

3. Loveys & Security Blankets

A lovey blanket always makes the best cuddle buddy that babies and parents love. Babies love these security blankets because they're easy to hold, sweet and loveable, and handy to tote along. As babies grow older, loveys and security blankets become comfort objects that can help them feel safe when experiencing new things—like transitioning to daycare.

Our loveys and security blankets make wonderful baby shower gifts because they're made from organic cotton and our signature bamboo blend, which gives them the perfect softness for all-day snuggling against a baby's sensitive skin. 

Nest Designs Lovey blanket

4. Swaddle Blankets

Our baby and toddler swaddle and security blankets are among parents' favourite baby shower gifts. Swaddle blankets are a comfort item for babies, helping them feel safe, snug, and calm. 

Nest Designs incredibly soft and lightweight muslin swaddle blankets make excellent car seat covers when it's bright out, a soft place for impromptu diaper changes, nursing covers, and more.

Parents also love the versatility of our four-layer buttery soft bamboo cotton blend blanket. These can be laid out on the living room floor for tummy time, in the yard for outdoor fun, or as a swaddle blanket. This swaddle blanket also comes with a matching bubs baby washcloth that parents can use to wipe their baby's face or during bath time!

Nest Designs swaddle blanket

5. Burp Cloths

Burp cloths like our Burp N' Bibs are essential for newborn days and make a very useful baby shower gift. After feeding, parents need to burp their babies; this soft and beautiful fabric protects their clothes from spit up.

Parents love our Burp N' Bibs because they grow with their babies. Once a little one starts eating food in a high chair, these burp clothes have snaps that turn them into an adorable bib.

Nest Designs burp cloths

Give a Baby Shower Gift They Will Remember

Nest Designs has many excellent options for baby shower gifts, including presents for the mom-to-be. Make the new mom feel loved by bringing her something that helps her unwind or something she can use as a new mom. Perhaps some cute nursing PJs or a bamboo silk robe that makes her feel luxurious while snuggling up with her new little bubs.

Do you need help finding the perfect baby shower gift? Visit our baby shower gift guide