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Celebrate the Year of the Dragon in Style

Celebrate the Year of the Dragon in Style

Happy Lunar New Year! As you know, the team at Nest Designs loves to celebrate, so we’re launching a new print during this festive time.

Lunar New Year is a celebration of the arrival of spring and the beginning of a new year. It falls on a different date every year because it’s based on the lunisolar calendar. In 2024, Lunar New Year happens on February 10th, when the Year of the Dragon begins.


The Year of the Dragon

The lunisolar calendar is on a 12-year cycle and a specific zodiac animal lines up with each of these years. Dragon is the fifth zodiac animal in the cycle and the only mythical creature included in the Chinese zodiac.

The Year of the Dragon symbolizes strength, good fortune, and health. Individuals born in this year are often considered natural leaders who are charismatic, confident, ambitious, and adventurous. They may seem naturally lucky or gifted, and they tend to try their best in every situation.

Nest Designs Dragon Dance Snugz

What Will Bring You Luck This Year?

For those born in the Year of the Dragon, these are some things that may bring you extra luck this year:

  • The numbers 1, 6, and 7
  • Bleeding-heart glory bower and dragon flowers
  • Gold, silver, and grey-ish white colours
  • East, north, and south directions

Some things may make you unlucky this year, including:

  • The numbers 3 and 8
  • Blue and green colours
  • Northwest directions

Lunar New Year Traditions

This long-standing celebration says goodbye to the old year and brings forth luck and prosperity in the new one. Some traditions of Lunar New Year may include:

  • Firecrackers or fireworks
  • Red clothes and decorations
  • Young people receive money in red envelopes
  • Thorough home cleaning to rid a home of lingering bad luck
  • Lantern festival
  • Dragon dance
  • And more

Dragon dance

Celebrating Lunar New Year with a New Nest Designs Print

At Nest Designs, we’re known for our cuddly, soft fabrics and beautiful hand-drawn prints. We’re releasing our new print, Dragon Dance, to welcome the Year of the Dragon.

The print features several pastel-coloured dragons over a neutral background. The light colours soften the dragon imagery, creating a design of charming mystical creatures suitable for babies and kids. With gentle tones and lucky magic creatures, this print offers a sweet nod to the Year of the Dragon and the luck it brings.

Nest Designs Dragon Dance print


Wishing You a Year of Prosperity and Success

May the Year of the Dragon bring you and your family good luck, health, and happiness. If you celebrate Lunar New Year, we hope you enjoy the festivities and quality time with your loved ones.

Happy Lunar New Year!

Want to celebrate the Year of the Dragon in style? Shop products that feature our Dragon Dance print.