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15 Father’s Day Gifts 2024

15 Father’s Day Gifts 2024

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Let’s celebrate all the dads and father figures out there who always show up and show their love to you and your little ones. You can show appreciation for all they do by getting them the best Father’s Day gift.

If you’re a little stuck and need inspiration for Father’s Day gift ideas, we can help! We’ve got you covered with gift ideas that suit dads in their twenties to dads in their seventies and beyond! From gifts for the dad who has everything to presents for dads who love to get cozy or help the environment, our list of the best dad gifts has it all. 

Sun-Seeking Dads

Whether he’s there for some volleyball or to grab an ice cream, dads who love the warm weather could use a few items this year.

Summer Shorts

Shorts are a staple for Dad during the hot months, and he needs a comfy pair that keeps him cool. Nest Designs bamboo cotton shorts are ultra soft, moisture-wicking, and naturally antibacterial. With a drawstring tie, deep pockets, and a flattering cut, these will surely be a well-loved Father’s Day gift.

Tank Top

Going into summer, Dad needs a soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic shirt. Healthy, premium fabrics, like our bamboo spandex blend, ensure Dad can move without restraint, and it feels amazing, too!


If Dad’s building sandcastles at the beach with the kids or heading out for a round of golf or kayak adventure in the heat, he’ll need sunscreen that helps protect his skin. KINeSYS Spray Sunscreen is fragrance-free, lightweight, and doesn’t affect his grip with his driver or paddle.  

Comfort-Loving Dads

Dads like to be cozy as much as anyone. If the dad in your life deserves some chill time, try these Father’s Day gift ideas.


Few things will make Dad feel as luxurious as a high-quality bathrobe. A GOTS-certified organic cotton robe feels lavishly soft against the skin—it’s so cozy that dad may not want to get out of it. With a loose, relaxed fit and front pockets, it’s likely this robe will become his new favourite outfit.

Hoodie & Sweatpants

For low-key dads who prioritize comfortable clothing, a hoodie and sweatpants ensemble is always a hit. These are made using organic cotton terry in timeless designs, so dad can chill at home or do errands in this outfit for years to come.

YVR Cookie

What’s comfort without comfort food? These made-to-share cookies are as sweet as dad and come in various flavours. They can be delivered to most places in the Vancouver area, making giving your dad a Father’s Day gift he loves as convenient as possible.

Practical Dads

There are dads who want gifts that they’ll get a lot of use out of. Whether you give them something they’ll use on the daily or a way to get time back in their day, they’ll treasure that you found them the gift that they didn’t know they needed.

Bath Towel

Dads may indefinitely postpone upgrading their towels themselves. Once they feel the difference between their old towel and a six-layer organic cotton bath towel, they’ll be tickled with your thoughtful gift.

Car Detailing

Having a clean car evokes a sense of pride, but making a vehicle spotless can be a chore that takes hours. Give Dad the gift of a mobile detailing service that deep cleans the inside and outside of his ride where and when works best for him.

Vessi Sneakers

Keep dad’s feet nice and dry, even if the weather shifts unexpectedly. Vessi sneakers are comfortable, breathable, and waterproof—even in heavy rainstorms! These are an excellent Father’s Day gift for dads in rainy climates.

Outdoor Dads

Dads who spearhead camping adventures, family hikes, and other on-the-go outdoor escapades need the right gear to keep them from slowing down.

Base Layer Top & Bottoms

Since the mountains can get chilly, Dad needs a super-soft base layer that keeps him comfy cozy. This bamboo tanboocel top and bottoms are perfect for year-round adventures since they’re made of breathable fabric that gets softer with every wash.

Fleece Top

Dad must keep warm while firing up the camp stove or taking an early morning walk. Made using a plush bamboo fabric with just the right fit and a generous front pocket, Dad will always find a reason to wear this soft sweater.

Water Filter Straw

One of the best Father’s Day gifts is the Lifestraw—it’s an absolute must-have for anybody in the outdoors. This personal and portable water filtration system is lightweight for backpacking adventures. It works just like a straw, cleaning dirty water as you suck it up.

Earth-Loving Dads

Some Father’s Day gifts are as much for the planet as they are for Dad. This year, get him something that aligns with his sustainability and eco-conscious values.

Men’s Basics

Sustainable, high-quality clothing is always a win for dads who want to make better choices for the planet. Our soft and stylish Men's Basics line is made from premium bamboo and organic cotton fabrics in evergreen designs that will look good for years (just like Dad!).

LOMI Composter

If your dad works hard to keep food waste from landfills, he may love a LOMI. This countertop device cuts down on food waste and turns it into nutrient-rich soil for the garden. Unlike compost bins in the yard, the output from this composter doesn’t attract insects or wildlife to the backyard. 

Bee House 

This Father’s Day gift provides a safe habitat for bees to nest and lay their eggs, which helps support the population of these pollinators. You and Dad can also use the observation window to see these amazing creatures in action.

Pick the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

This Father’s Day, surprise the dad in your life with a thoughtful gift that he’ll treasure and use for years. Explore our selection of Father’s Day gifts today!