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FW21 Collection: Introducing Woodland Wonders

FW21 Collection: Introducing Woodland Wonders

At Nest Designs, heading into autumn means we’re about to launch our new collection and partner with another deserving charity. Read up on the inspiration behind our FW21 prints and get ready to see these designs on products for babies, kids, and moms.

Calling all little cubs and silly rabbits! Nest Designs new Woodland Wonders prints will be here soon. This year’s fall and winter collection features some cherished forest friends and celebrates cozy autumn – our founder’s favourite season. It’s the season of warm clothes, soft fabrics, and mugs of hot cocoa.

When we think of the woods, we automatically think of the animals that live there. Seeing animals in the wild feels special; it’s like witnessing a storybook come to life. So many children’s stories feature forest creatures: the Velveteen Rabbit, Goldilocks and the three bears, Bambi, and countless other tales.

This collection introduces brand-new hand-drawn prints inspired by adventurous woodland inhabitants. As the weather cools down, we hear the content chirps of birds preparing to head south, witness the deer grazing about, watch the playful moves of foxes and rabbits, and see well-fed bears winding down for hibernation.

Our new collection is for the charming woodland creatures that brighten our days, enliven our imaginations, and inspire the stories that become part of childhood.


It’s Warmer TOG Season

Our fall and winter collection drops just in time for the cozy season. You know what that means! Thicker and warmer materials to keep your little ones nice and toasty warm – even when it’s chilly outside. You’ll want to switch out summertime sleep suits and sleep bags for ones with a higher TOG rating, so your little bubs sleeps comfortably through the night.

Find our Woodland Wonders prints on our sleep bags, sleep suits, and blankets.


Nest Designs FW21 Charity Partnership

Each Nest Designs collection partners with a charity that aligns with our values. For our FW21 partnership, we’ve selected The Grizzly Bear Foundation. The big hearts behind this organization are dedicated to the long-term welfare of grizzlies in North America.

Many human activities have created threats for these big, beautiful bears. With or without realizing it, humans have harmed grizzly habitats and disrupted their ecosystem. Climate change and other factors also contribute to these trying times for grizzlies.

Through research, educating the community, and supporting government conservation programs, The Grizzly Bear Foundation works hard to care for and maintain the grizzly population. They have many resources available to help you learn more about these bears and why we need to protect them.

As our Woodland Wonders collection is for the whimsical animals who live in the forest, we felt compelled to partner with a foundation that gives a voice to an at-risk species. A portion of the proceeds from this collection will go to The Grizzly Bear Foundation to support the work they do.

Want to do more to help the bears? You can make a donation to the foundation where all proceeds go directly to supporting conservation, education, and research programming.


We’re Excited to Show You Our New Collection

The countdown is on until the Woodland Wonders collection launches. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

Make sure you check out the collection when it drops and don’t forget to read up on The Grizzly Bear Foundation. 


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