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Top 5 Things To Get Your Baby Ready For Winter

Top 5 Things To Get Your Baby Ready For Winter

Winter can feel long, but if you’re prepared, it can be a season full of fun for you and your little one. Read this post where we break down the top five things you need to have a great winter with your baby.  

You know what they say, winter is the most wonderful time of the year – especially if you’re prepared for the season. Is your little one ready for the cold and snow? 

The best time to prepare is now, so when the temperature drops, and those white flakes start falling from the sky you’re ready to take your little bubs outside.


1. Prepare for the Sunshine

Saying goodbye to summer doesn’t mean that you should forgo your baby’s sunscreen. Usually, in the cold weather, babies are completely covered in layers and blankets, but their cute little faces remain unprotected from the sun. 

Snow reflects more ultraviolet (UV) rays than water or sand at the beach, making it super important to protect your child’s skin in the winter weather. Long days playing in the snow prolongs sun exposure to their squishy cheeks and button noses.

You know what that means: sun protection. Keep putting sunscreen on their faces and try to get them to wear sunglasses to protect their eyes.


2. Dress for the Weather

Going outside in the crisp, fresh air is great for little ones (and you, too!). You just need to make sure everyone’s dressed appropriately for the day’s adventures. Wearing the right clothes during the cold weather affects your baby’s comfort (and mood). 

Winter clothing should keep your child warm and dry, but not too hot. Overheating causes sweat, which creates moisture that makes them colder much faster. 

How do you know what your child should wear each day? The weather forecast is a terrific place to start; it lets you know if you need to prepare for a cool day versus a freezing cold day and whether to prepare for rain or snow. 

Layers are the most helpful way to keep your little bubs at the right temperature through a winter day (especially if you have a little Houdini who somehow removes items without you noticing). The goal is to have three winter layers:

  • The inner layer is thin should wick moisture away from the body.
  • The middle layer insulates and helps keep your baby warm.
  • The outer layer is for water and wind protection.

Other accessories that can help keep your baby warm and cozy are items like warm hats and mittens. Choose age-appropriate accessories to keep your little one safe and snug.


3. Footwear Matters, Even if They’re Not Walking Yet

An important, but often overlooked, winter item for babies is what’s on their feet. Footwear is another way to keep them at the right temperature. If your little one’s in a stroller or carrier, they may be experts at kicking off blankets and pulling off socks, which is another reason to strap some shoes or boots to their feet.

Footwear is also a must-have for those impromptu photo ops of your baby experiencing their first snow. A pair of booties or shoes that are completely waterproof, warm, and comfortable will make playing in the snow much more enjoyable for them. 

When selecting winter footwear, make sure that it’s not too loose or too tight. Measure their ever-growing feet to make sure you have the correct size but remember to leave a little extra room for thicker winter socks.


4. Practice Winter Safety

You never want an adventurous winter day to end in tears. There are a few ways you can keep the days fun and incident-free:

Create an emergency kit. You can stuff this kit with a first aid kit, non-perishable snacks, extra winter accessories, a spare blanket or two, and changes of clothing.

Monitor your child’s temperature. Little ones are more susceptible to frostbite than adults. Make sure when you’re outside with your little ones, keep an eye on their colour. A little flush to their cheeks is perfectly normal, but if you notice your child becoming uncomfortably red, then white, playtime must stop, and they need to go inside to warm up.

Get into an aftercare routine. Once you bring your baby in from the cold, get into the habit of making sure they’re dry and comfy. Remove their wet clothes and change them into a nice indoor outfit, like a romper or long sleeve onesie. Wrap them in a baby blanket and cuddle together on the couch. It’s a nice bonding moment with your baby that you enjoy together!


5. Make Winter Plans

Parents, especially new ones, should have some go-to plans to make sure they make the most of the season with their babies. While it’s tempting to hibernate in a warm home like a bear, being outdoors in the winter is quite beautiful and a great time to make memories.

Before the snow comes, make a list of all the things you want to do with your baby. It could be walking around and looking at festive lights, making a snowman, or pulling them along in a small sleigh. There are plenty of activities to enjoy, get creative and have fun! 

If you need some inspiration, check out our suggestions on winter activities for little ones.


Get Ready for an Amazing Winter

The cold weather brings an opportunity for a different kind of fun. With thoughtful preparation, you and your little bubs are sure to have an incredible time outside this winter.

What are your go-to tips for playing with your baby in the wintertime? Tell us in the comments.