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How to Wash & Care for Your Bamboo Clothing

How to Wash & Care for Your Bamboo Clothing


Here at Nest Designs, you’ll notice that we use bamboo and blend it with different fabrics to make our products. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the reasons we love bamboo (and why you will too if you don’t already!), the different bamboo combinations we have, how to wash and dry your bamboo clothing, and tips on making it last longer. 

Nest Designs bamboo jersey shorts

Why we love bamboo

It’s no secret that we love bamboo. With some of us being parents here, we choose bamboo because it’s:

  • Super soft: We’re talking buttery softness that makes it super comfortable for babies and toddlers. It’s also gentle, breathable, thermal regulating, and moisture-wicking so perfect for sleepwear and keeping your bubs safe at night.
  • Perfect for sensitive skin: Parents love bamboo because it is naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial - making it great against your bubs delicate skin especially if they’re experiencing rashes or eczema. 
  • Sustainable: Bamboo is an earth-friendly fabric. Did you know in one day, a bamboo plant can grow up to 35 inches? Because it grows so fast, it can be harvested quicker. It uses less water to grow than other materials like conventional cotton. Bamboo is anti-bacterial and doesn’t need pesticides or fertilizers to grow (meaning it’s a clean fabric!). It is also naturally biodegradable and can break down naturally on its own. 
  • Long-lasting: Don’t let it’s softness trick you! Bamboo is a durable fabric that can go through wear and tear, washing, and actually gets softer after washing.


Types of bamboo clothing 

It’s important to us that we hold ourselves to high standards here because we treat your babies with the same care as we do with our own. All of our materials, including our bamboo, are hand-picked and undergo third-party testing to make sure it meets our level of safety and quality. 

Here at Nest Designs, we blend bamboo fibres with different materials like organic cotton, Pima cotton, avocado, and more to make products for you and your bubs. Some of our bamboo blends include: 

  • Bamboo Muslin: This blend is made with a lightweight, open weave, pure cotton fabric that makes it extremely breathable making it perfect for products like bibs, swaddle blankets, and sleepwear. 
  • Avocado Bamboo: This is a Nest Designs Signature fabric that uses a blend of avocado, bamboo, and cotton. It’s cool-to-touch and feels silky smooth and cozy on. 
  • Bamboo Jersey: A knit fabric made with bamboo fibres and spun with cotton yarn using a jersey knit stitch, this fabric blend has all the benefits of bamboo plus it’s super stretchy. That makes it perfect for bubs on-the-go, learning to crawl, and learning to walk.
  • Tanboocel: Made from bamboo, Tanboocel is soft and smooth. The fibres are spun with micro gaps that make it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter to wear. 
  • Bamboo Cotton: Made with GOTS certified organic cotton, this earth-friendly fabric is soft and comfortable. We love that it contains no toxic chemicals or GMOs and is softer and more durable than conventional cotton.
  • Tencel: TENCEL™ Lyocell is soft, lightweight, breathable, and durable. The material uses renewable energy during production, is sustainably sourced, and is certified as a carbon-neutral product.

Get to know our fabric more here

Nest Designs Bamboo Long Sleeve Footed Sleep Bag

How to care for your bamboo clothing

Here’s our guide on how you can wash and dry your bamboo clothing: 

  1. Turn the garment inside out or place it inside a wash bag.
  2. Use a gentle, eco-friendly detergent. 
  3. Avoid using any bleach or fabric softener. 
  4. Wash in cold water on gentle/delicate cycle.
  5. Dry on low heat or lay flat to air dry. 

Bamboo clothing: Dos and don’ts

Here are some quick tips on how you can care for your bamboo clothing to make it last longer: 

  • If you’re trying to get stains out, use a natural stain remover stick, baking soda, or vinegar to remove it before placing it in the wash.
  • Iron on low heat only
  • Avoid leaving your bamboo clothing in the laundry basket when they’re wet
  • Avoid washing your bamboo clothing with items that have velcros
  • Always zip other garments up in the wash before washing it with your bamboo clothing 

Nest Designs Bamboo Jersey Short Sleeve Footed Sleep Bag

Have other care questions? 

If you’re unsure how to care for your Nest Designs products, reach out to our Customer Care Team at: