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Nest Designs FW22 Polar Pals Collection

Nest Designs FW22 Polar Pals Collection

We're excited to announce the launch of our FW22 Polar Pals collection with 8 new hand-drawn prints. Join us on a magical expedition to the North Pole and get lost in shades of white and icy blue.

We’re excited to introduce our FW22 collection: Polar Pals. We know some people might not love the colder weather, so we hope that this gives you something to get excited about too! This collection has 8 new hand-drawn prints inspired by a magical expedition to the North Pole!

About Our FW22 Collection

FW22 Launch Nest Designs

This season, our new collection invites you to get lost in shades of snowy white and icy blue. You’ll see cuddly polar bears tumble and play while snowy owls fly silently overhead with their fluffy wings. Look below into the chilly waters and be amazed by how little penguins fly through the seas using their little black wings while beluga whales slowly drift by.

Introducing Our New FW22 Prints

Our FW22 prints were inspired by the animal friends you’ll meet on our adventure to the Poles. 


Snowy Peaks 

A print inspired by fluffy polar bears curiously exploring the icy Arctic’s snow capped mountains and wandering across the frigid Arctic sea ice. 

Nest Designs Snowy Peaks



Winter Skate

A print inspired by playful polar bears tumbling around on their winter skates to your little one’s favourite song.

Winter Skate Nest Designs


Baby Beluga  

Baby Beluga

An ode to the nursery rhyme, this print celebrates an adorable baby beluga splish splashing its way in the deep blue sea.


Beluga Boogie Nest Designs

Beluga Boogie

Get ready for the Beluga Boogie. This print is inspired by friendly beluga whales gathering, singing, and dancing to your little one’s favourite song.



Guess Hoo

The majestic snowy owl flies so silently in the sky that you might miss its rare appearance above the Arctic skies.

Guess Hoo Nest Designs 



Hide N Hoot

Can you spot the snowy owl amongst the snow covered juniper and alder trees? This print was inspired by how they camouflage so well in the Arctic tundra.

Hide n Hoot Nest Designs


Penguin Love Nest Designs 

Penguin Love

Did you know penguins sing a song and give a special rock to their partners when they fall in love? This print celebrates their love and their bond with their nestlings.


Rainbow Swim Nest Designs 

Rainbow Swim

This print was inspired by the different species of penguins that fly and propel through frigid waters so swiftly. 


Our New FW22 Nest Friends 

In our effort to be eco-conscious, we created Nest Friends for you and your bubs to enjoy and play with. These are cut-and-make characters that are a part of your cardboard packaging. Our Nest Friends are a fun way to engage in pretend play and start a conversation on how these animals are being affected by climate change. 

This season, our new Nest Friends are Boogie the Beluga, Percy the Penguin, Powpow the Polar Bear, and Howie the Snowy Owl. Meet our new friends and read their stories below.

Boogie the Beluga

Boogie The Beluga Nest Designs

Boogie the Beluga is white with black eyes

She swims with the utmost grace

Although she may look quite large in size

She always has the smiliest face!


Percy the Penguin

Percy The Penguin Nest Designs

Percy the Penguin waddles on his little feet

He’s not the most elegant on land

But once he jumps into the sea to swim

He zooms about looking very grand!


Powpow the Polar Bear

Pow Pow The Polar Bear Nest Designs

Powpow the Polar Bear loves to skate

He’s always on the ice

He zips and spins with a smile on his face

It’s really very nice!


Howie the Snowy Owl

Howie The Snowy Owl

Howie the Snowy Owl is fluffy and light

With feathers as soft as snow

He flies around so silently at night 

Making not a sound wherever he goes


Higher TOGs for Colder Weather

FW22 Launch Nest Designs

The colder weather means more layers to get extra cozy. This means thicker and warmer materials to keep your bubs toasty. This season, you’ll switch from lighter TOG sleep bags and sleep bags with feet for ones with higher TOG ratings. You’ll find higher TOGs like 1.5 TOG, 2.0 TOG, 2.5 TOG, and 3.5 TOG in our selection of swaddle sleep bags, sleep bags, and sleep bags with feet. Need help finding the right TOG? Read our What is TOG rating guide.

We use Sorona® fill, an eco-friendly, fully biodegradable filling used to insulate our products. Sorona® gives our products a light, plushy softness. Learn more about our eco-friendly Sorona® filling here.

Our FW22 Charity Partnership: Ocean Conservancy

Ocean Conservancy Nest Designs

Did you know that the Arctic is one of the most remote places on Earth and home to animals like the 400-year-old Greenland shark and narwhals (known as the unicorns of the sea)? 

This season, we are excited to continue our partnership from SS22 with a portion of our profits going to the Ocean Conservancy and extending it to their Protecting the Arctic program. They are a non-profit organization that works to protect the ocean and its wildlife. In efforts to protect the Arctic’s wildlife and communities, the Ocean Conservancy advocates science-based solutions with decision makers such as the International Maritime Organization and the Arctic Council to keep the waters healthy and clean.

To take action, you can donate to support their ongoing efforts or reach out to the U.S. Coast Guard and support their study of vessel traffic in the Chukchi and Beaufort seas. Read more about how you can support the Ocean Conservancy’s Protecting the Arctic program here.

Ready to bundle up? 

Shop our FW22 Polar Pals collection and bundle up for the colder weather today. 

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