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New Packaging & Eco-Conscious Efforts at Nest Designs

New Packaging & Eco-Conscious Efforts at Nest Designs

New Packaging at Nest Designs

Nest Designs Headquarters is based in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. We’re lucky to live where we do. With access to the forest and ocean, we feel our connection to nature here.

When we look out our windows and see the beauty outside, it gets us thinking more about the planet and the carbon footprint every single person creates. What we do today as individuals, and as a company impacts the world we leave for our children tomorrow. It makes you think about small changes that lead to big differences.


We Love the Planet

One of our company values is caring for the environment and environmental awareness. Nest Designs is committed to reducing waste, implementing eco-friendly practices, and being conscious of our impact. Some of our initiatives include:

Our New Cardboard Packaging Comes with New Friends!

Often, cardboard packaging gets recycled right away—but we think it should do more than simply convey our product information. New in 2021, Nest Designs is making a fun change to the packaging of our Spring/Summer 2021 collection of sleep bags and sleep suits. We’ve added origami cutouts that turn our packaging into three-dimensional animal friends in three simple steps.

Parents can help little ones cut out and fold these adorable friends and then get ready for fun! Nest Friends fuel imaginative play with little ones without the need to invest in another toy.

When you purchase our SS21 sleep bags and sleep suits, take the cardboard package insert out and flip it over to discover one of our adorable Nest friends.


Our packaging isn’t just packaging. It’s an opportunity to turn cardboard into play and gives parents a great opportunity to talk about repurposing items instead of throwing them away.


Improving Our Carbon Footprint

At Nest Designs, we put in a sincere effort to recycle, reduce, reuse, and repurpose where we can. We’re working on minimizing waste and looking for ways to be more eco-conscious daily—making us more thoughtful in our practices and designs. We know we’re not perfect, but our efforts to do our best for the planet are sincere and improvements are ongoing.



Let’s talk about our packaging for a moment. Hygiene and safety of products used by babies are important, so we use individual product packaging to keep clothing dry and clean during storage and transportation. We found an opportunity for improvement in this practice—this year we’re excited to announce that we’re switching to EcoPure packaging.



We’re adding EcoPure, a fully biodegradable material, to our packaging bags for a cleaner and safer packing alternative. EcoPure only produces carbon dioxide, safe biogas, and biomass during biodegradation, eliminating the chance of plastic particles transferring back to humans or animals in any form. It looks and acts like a regular protective bag, but quickly activated microorganisms shorten the time it takes to biodegrade.


Future Play

At Nest Designs, we teach our children to care for the earth by setting an example. Our actions impact how they think about the environment and the future. We focus on products and packaging that are friendly to people and friendly to the planet. Doing our part helps preserve those natural spaces we love so much so our kids can enjoy them too.