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Our New Nest Friends and Ongoing Green Initiatives

Our New Nest Friends and Ongoing Green Initiatives

Nest Designs’ 2021 fall and winter collection just dropped, bringing new prints in a variety of styles to keep you and your children cozy throughout the colder seasons. The eco-friendly packaging for some of these products features a DIY paper craft to keep kids entertained.

The weather’s starting to change out there – summer’s trailing off, and the crisp, cool days of fall are rolling in.

With the change in the season, there’s a return to the familiar. Autumn reacquaints us with routine, whether your bigger kids are back to school, little ones are starting daycare, or you’re returning to full weeks of work.

Our hard-working team at Nest Designs worked hard this summer, and we’ve just launched our fall and winter 2021 line to keep you and your littles cozy when it becomes cooler out.


Imaginative Indoor Play

We’re all for playing in puddles and bundling up to get outside, but it’s always nice to have indoor activities ready when you need to entertain your kids inside.

In the spring, we launched new packaging for our sleep bags and sleep suits that included origami cut-outs on the inside of the packaging. With some careful cutting by parents (or kids who have mastered scissors) and a couple folds, the cardboard packaging turns into a three-dimensional animal friend.

This season, we’re bringing in some new Nest friends for your little bubs. Our FW21 packaging introduces:

We know how much kids enjoy novelty. Instead of investing in new toys, these cardboard cut-out Nest friends are fun to play with for many hours (or days) before they head off to the recycle bin.


Keeping Things Green

Every little change we make for the environment makes a difference, even if it seems like a drop in the ocean. If enough of us put in the effort to be greener, we strongly believe we’ll see noticeable change.

As you know, Nest Designs is a company that cares deeply for the environment. We put a tremendous amount of thought into our operations, products, and packaging, to minimize our carbon footprint as much as possible.

We take our responsibility to the planet seriously. That’s why we use materials like bamboo fiber & organic cotton, which are healthier and more sustainable for everyone.

Nest Designs products are built to last. Our timeless fashion holds up for years; once your little bub outgrows an item, it can be passed down to other family members.

Product packaging is a huge opportunity to reduce our impact. Earlier this year, we switched to biodegradable EcoPure packaging bags as a safer and cleaner alternative to traditional bags. We’ve also made the switch from plastic express shipping bags to kraft paper bags made from raw materials that comply with FSC certification standards.

We have a few new ideas in the works using bio-degradable materials, but we’re not quite ready to launch. You’ll find an update on our blog when these initiatives have been thoroughly tested, and they’re ready to share.


The Grizzly Bear Foundation

We’re inspired by organizations that make the world a better place. Each Nest Designs collection partners with a charitable group and donates a portion of product sales to help their cause.

Our FW21 collection, Woodland Wonders, is inspired by many forest inhabitants. It means a lot to us to partner with and support The Grizzly Bear Foundation with this collection and all the work they do to protect these bears.


Nothing Says Fall Like Woodland Wonders

Have you had a chance to look at our new FW21 prints? We’re really excited to share them with you and hear what your little ones think, too! They’re perfect for staying cozy indoors and outdoors through this fall and winter.

Have your kids played with our Nest Friends before? Let us know in the comments.