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Toddler Pillows for Stylish Nurseries

Toddler Pillows for Stylish Nurseries

The perfect-sized pillow offers your little love supportive sleep for the night and may even encourage them to stay in bed for longer.

A toddler’s room is not complete without the perfect pillow. Nest Designs pillows offer the perfect support and comfort for little ones. Best of all, they come with a cotton pillowcase in a hand-drawn design that you can choose to match your little one’s nursery.


Is Your Toddler Ready for a Pillow?

Your little bubs goes through a lot of firsts, their first smile, first word, first steps. Their first pillow is pretty exciting too. For parents, their little one’s first pillow is another marker that they’re growing up too fast—after all, they were just a baby yesterday!

Toddlers love their first pillow because it’s one more thing grownups have that they get to experience. Parents can introduce toddlers to their first pillow around 1 to 1.5 years old.

Some parents may give small children a standard size adult pillow rather than invest in a toddler pillow. This isn’t the best idea. Even the flattest standard size pillows are too big for toddlers and can be unsafe. Toddlers need a pillow that’s made for them.

Toddlers Have Specific Pillow Needs

Our Nest Designs toddler pillows are made with three key factors in mind.


Toddlers sleep in any number of odd positions. When you check the baby monitor as they sleep, you’re likely to catch them all over the place. They may be on their back with extended limbs like a starfish. You may see them sleeping like a practiced yogi in child’s pose. In some cases, little ones flop around at night like a fish out of water.

No matter which position your little one sleeps in, the best alignment for their spine is a straight line. Our toddler pillows fit the curves of the head, ensuring that their necks don’t tilt back or push their chins toward the chest. Our design eliminates strain on their neck and shoulder muscles.


A loft isn’t just a trendy home in the city. It describes the thickness of a pillow when it lays flat. Thicker pillows are a no-no for toddlers. They affect spinal alignment by causing the neck to bend. Also, if pillows are too soft, they pose a risk for little ones. Some toddlers may not be able to breathe properly if their face is against the pillow.

Our toddler pillows may look thin to you, but trust us, they’re just the right thickness for your little bub.


The density of a pillow is how firm or soft a pillow is. Who doesn’t love a plush pillow? That feeling when your head sinks into them is hard to beat. However, at their age, toddlers aren’t quite ready for a soft pillow. Toddlers need a flat, firmer pillow to provide safe and comfortable support. Our pillows use squishy Sorona foam for perfect comfort and sweet dreams.


Toddlers Have Specific Pillow Needs

At first glance, you may think there’s something amiss with our pillows since one side is thinner than the other. This asymmetrical pillow design is meant to grow with your child. Ours is a longer-lasting pillow that doesn’t need to be replaced for a couple of years.

At one end, our toddler pillows are 2.5cm thick. This is a perfect height for littles between 1 and 2. The other side is 3.5cm thick, which suits bigger toddlers 3 and up. When they outgrow the lower side, rotate the pillow around and enjoy it for a couple more years.



Coming Soon! Medium Size Toddler Pillows

We do our best to make products that last, even as children grow. This May, we’re adding a medium size toddler pillow for older toddlers. For children age 3 or 4, use the side that’s 4cm thick. After they turn 4, they can rotate the pillow 180-degrees and use the side that’s 6cm thick instead.

The Perfect Addition to Your Nursery

We love a beautiful nursery (we definitely double tap when we see ones we like on Instagram). Our cozy toddler pillows and pillowcases are just one way to add some splash to your little one’s room.

Create an inviting, calming nursery atmosphere with some of our other premium Nest Designs products.


Cute baby blankets add warmth to a nursery. Our quilted blankets come in three sizes for cribs, toddler beds, and twin beds. The cushy, comfy feeling from these blankets comes from a layer of Sorona foam. We make these blankets in different weights for summer and winter. This way, little ones always have the right type of blanket no matter the season.



Changing up the décor of your little one’s nursery is as easy as putting a different duvet cover over their crib blankets. With one quick switch of the cover, a nursery goes from cute to elegant, giving a bedroom a different feel instantly.



Every child has a favourite blanket. Some of our favourites are the Snugz Lovey Blankets since they’re basically a combination of a blanket and soft stuffed animal. Featuring an oxmouse, fabric design and stuffed character head, these blankets are the best cuddle buddies!



We make products that feel like home. We use hand-drawn designs, cozy and quality materials, and beautiful clean construction that looks good in any child’s bedroom. Use our crib and bed products to create a nursery space that always looks and feels comfortable.

Sleep tight, little ones!

What does your toddler love most about their room?