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Top 5 Tips to Keep Cool During Pregnancy

Top 5 Tips to Keep Cool During Pregnancy

If you usually sweat by just bending over during the summer months, then you are in for a real surprise if you are pregnant for the first time during the warmer season. With two pregnancies under my belt, I can tell you that being 7 to 8 months pregnant during the hottest months of the year is no fun and games.  From swollen feet to the exponential amount of heat radiating from your bun in the oven, it may seem like a never-ending sweat fest that will have you screaming ‘have mercy’! Well, fear not, but there are several remedies to the summer pregnancy heat. Here are Nest Design’s top 5 tips to beat the heat and stay refreshed during your pregnancy.


1. Stay indoors

While it may have been enjoyable to stay in the sun while you were not pregnant, many women find that their skin is more sensitive to the heat and the sun while they are pregnant. It’s advisable to stay in the shade or indoors to keep cool.  While indoors, keep your feet up and try not to over-exert yourself with cleaning the house. It may seem hard while you begin to nest around your home, but try to take it easy in the final few months and get some good rest. While you are pregnant, your core temperature tends to increase due to a combination of hormonal changes and increased blood flow. As such, it’s essential to learn to delegate during these times to keep yourself feeling refreshed during the summer months.


2. Choose breathable PJs at night

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At night, sleep deprivation is a real problem while you are pregnant. It is especially the case when the weather gets hot. You can easily be woken up by the night sweats because your hormones intensify your body’s tendency to produce heat.  Consider Nest Design’s breathable and lightweight two-piece bamboo PJ sets that come in several different designs. Made with Nest Design’s unique blend of bamboo jersey, the PJ set comes with easy to remove front-snaps. The comfortable nightwear will have you getting a better night’s rest during the hottest nights.


3. Be hydrated at all times

Don’t wait until you feel thirsty to hydrate while you’re pregnant – by the time you feel your thirst, you may already be experiencing dehydration. You may have to visit the bathroom more often while pregnant, but it is crucial that a pregnant woman gets at least eight glasses of water a day. Try to cut back on your salt and caffeine intake to ensure that your hydration level is at its most optimal to avoid overheating. Be aware, however, of opting for lukewarm water instead of ice-cold drinks. Exposure to frigid temperatures will constrict the blood vessels, causing your body to think that it needs to retain the heat instead.


4. Get active!

You’re probably thinking, what? Get active? How can that keep me cool while I’m pregnant during the summer?  Did you know that our breathing can have a pretty significant impact on whether we stay cool during our pregnancy? Consider taking a pregnancy yoga class from your local community center or yoga studio to learn the different techniques to control your breathing – it can help you cool down in no time. The movements from pregnancy yoga can also help your blood flow be more regulated, hence increasing your capacity for the heat. You can also join an aqua-natal class to reap the benefits of staying active while keeping cool in the water.


5. Pick cooling and light meals

During the summer, eat more cooling foods that are higher in water content to stay hydrated so that you can stay feeling refreshed. When you overeat, there is a tendency to overheat and feel like a hibernating bear. Eating heavy foods doesn’t help either as you feel bogged down and warm from the high intake of calories. Choose salads, fruits, and other light meals to stay cool during the summer months. There you have it! We hope that our top 5 tips to keep cool while you’re pregnant is helpful to you this summer. Enjoy the moment, take care of yourself during this highly exciting phase in your life and check out Nest Design’s amazing products to help you care for your little one once she arrives!