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Top Gift Ideas for 2021

Top Gift Ideas for 2021

That shopping list can feel daunting if you’re short on ideas of what to purchase. You want to get each person something they’ll love or use – that’s what we all aim for when we’re shopping for the holidays. Sometimes, all it takes to inspire the perfect gift is a simple idea or suggestion.  

To help make your shopping easier this year, we thought it might be helpful to share the list of things we’ll be giving to our loved ones. Here are some of our favourite Nest Designs products and some items we love from other retailers. From stocking stuffers to gifts, we’ve assembled a list of items we’d love to find under the tree. 

Here are our 15 ideas to help you check off the last people on your Christmas list:


1. Matching Holiday PJs for the Family

There are few things more adorable than a family in matching PJs during the holidays. Made from ultra-soft and cozy organic cotton, these yuletide PJs for dads, moms, kids, come in two festive holiday prints. If you know a family celebrating their first Christmas with a new baby, these PJs will make it extra special. 

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    2. Munchie Mugs

    Santa’s not the only one who likes snacks. The little ones in your life may not eat as many cookies as the jolly old elf, but they still need a place to keep their finger food. Munchie Mugs use a soft-cloth lid to prevent spills and crumbs from making a mess no matter where you are (which is a true gift for parents!).

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      3. Sleep Suit

      Our wearable blankets are just the thing active children need for bedtime. The gorgeous and comfy Nest Designs’ raglan bamboo sleep suit comes with a 2.5 TOG rating – perfect for cold winter nights. If you’re looking for something cooler, these sleep suits come in different TOGs to keep little ones at the right temperature for the season. 

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         4. Mumgry Mini Trio

        Instead of chocolate in the stockings this year, this MUMGRY Mini Trio of natural nut-butters is the perfect size to keep in a purse or diaper bag for when hunger strikes. We also love the packaging that can be repurposed into a miniature garden box.  

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          5. Hugz Bear

          Give the gift of a new best friend for Christmas. Nest Designs’ Hugz Bear is soft, huggable, and a terrific adventure buddy. Simple features make him a classic teddy that’s sure to be loved for many years. New addition for FW21.

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            6. Alphabet Printed Tapestry

            Is there anybody on your list who’s decorating a nursery? Much and Little have a wonderful Animal Alphabet Tapestry featuring friendly animals. Made from organic cotton canvas, this addition is not just décor, but a learning tool too!

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            7. Mommy and Me Bamboo Headbands

            Those with longer hair need a headband to keep their locks out of their face. What better way than to get matching bamboo cotton headbands for a mom and her little lookalike? It’s unbelievably cute (and always worth a picture). These headbands are equal parts practical, comfortable, and stylish for anybody who wears them, and they make an excellent stocking stuffer or gift. 

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             8. Eco-Friendly Toothbrushes

            Glitter & Spice’s baby-friendly toothbrushes help little ones get a jump start on their oral healthcare. Made with eco-friendly wheat stalk, designed with a thick handle for a baby’s grip, and using soft and fine bristles that are gentle on gums, this little stocking stuffer gives the gift of a clean mouth and beautiful smile.

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             9. Women’s Bamboo Jersey Robe

            The holidays aren’t just about the kids. Spoil the women in your life with one of Nest Designs’ luxurious bamboo jersey robes. Lightweight, elegant, and super soft, this robe may become a new favourite thing to wear.

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            10. Oat Bath and Body Butter

            Everybody needs a little time out once in a while. Stuff a stocking with Naetal Skincare’s mini oat bath & body butter duo. This soothing self-care gift helps soften and protect the skin, promotes relaxation, and delivers moisture and nutrients.

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            11. Bamboo Swaddle Sleep Bag

            New parents (especially those low on sleep) will love you for getting them this gift. Nest Designs’ bamboo swaddle sleep bag helps babies up to 6M stay asleep. The detachable swaddle hugs a baby gently, preventing them from startling themselves awake. After they’ve outgrown that phase, the 2.5 TOG sleep bag becomes the blanket a baby wears safely through the night. 

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            12. Wooden Rainbow Stacker

            We love toys that spark imaginative play. Europe-based Grimm’s wood toys are classic additions to any playroom. A pinch of whimsy and a bit of creativity paired with motor skill development, this brilliant rainbow stacker is sure to inspire a lot of play (Grimm’s makes lots of other great toys too!).

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            13. Long Sleeve Bib

            When eating is such a joy, it’s hard to stay clean (especially when little ones are learning to feed themselves). Nest Designs bamboo long sleeve bibs are perfect for messy eaters, and parents really appreciate that the polyester front wipes clean without having to go through the laundry after each use. It’s the perfect accessory for Christmas dinner.

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            14. Award-Winning Baby Bottles

            Getting a baby to eat can be stressful for a lot of new parents. Comotomo’s soft silicone baby bottles mimic breastfeeding, which is easier for the baby and less stressful for the parents. The bottles are designed to prevent colic, have a wide neck for easy cleaning, and they’re safe in the microwave, steam sterilizers, and the dishwasher.

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            15. Organic Cotton Dry Baby Wipes

            If you need a little something extra to fill out a gift basket, tuck in some of Nest Designs’ Organic Cotton Dry Baby Wipes. Eco-friendly and biodegradable, these versatile wipes can be used wet or dry for all messes head to toe. 

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            There you have it. From simple must-haves to sophisticated and beloved items, we think our list covers it all. Hopefully, these ideas inspire you to finish off your shopping well before the holidays begin. 

            What items are you shopping for this year?