Bubs Baby Cloths

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Bubs Baby Washcloths

Messes, Prepare to Meet Your Match
Our handy Bubs Baby Cloths tackle and remove all your little one’s messes (and oh, there are many!). Run the cloth under the tap for a moist wipe for stubborn and sticky messes or use it dry to sop up wet spills. We love the planet and do what we can to help minimize waste—that’s why these cloths are so great. Stick them in your diaper bag and use them to wipe runny noses or soiled bottoms instead of using disposable wipes or tissues. They’re easy to wash and a must-have for keeping up with a little one.
Nest Designs Washcloths
Our cute, hand-drawn designs make our washcloths stand out from the crowd. These distinct patterns make them easy to find in a diaper bag when a mess or spill becomes a red-alert situation. Our bamboo blend washcloths come in packs of three or six because parents always need backup. Measuring 35cm by 35cm, we make our washcloths in a size that’s convenient to use and not too small.
Made from our Signature Bamboo Blend
Bamboo blended muslin is one of our favorites. It’s gentle and cushy on a baby’s skin and only gets softer each time it goes through the wash. Though soft, it’s also durable and lasts a long time, and cleans up after your little one over and over again. This signature bamboo blend is extremely absorbent and quick to dry so it’s a handy addition for spills and messes. Interested to learn more about our fabrics? Check out our materials page.
Keeping Little Ones Clean
Wiping and washing your baby doesn’t only make them look and smell good, it’s good for them too. Regular baths and washing help prevent skin irritation, such as rashes and chaffing, and our washcloths are a fantastic helper during bath time. Our Bubs Baby Cloths help parents gently and safely clean all the nooks and crannies, such as a baby’s eyelids and ears. To keep things sanitary, always remember to use clean washcloths in the bath.
Great for Teething Babies
Our Bubs Baby Cloths aren’t just for wiping cheeks and chins, they’re also useful when little ones cut teeth. Since we use a soft bamboo blend, it’s a wonderful choice for easing the pain of teething. A cold (but not frozen) washcloth is a soothing option for babies who need relief—let them chew on the washcloth to massage their gums. Once the teeth come through, some dentists recommend using a washcloth to wipe their teeth as an introduction to toothbrushing.
FAQs About Our Bubs Baby Cloths

Can I use the Bubs Baby Cloth for myself?

You sure can! Babies aren’t the only ones who appreciate a soft washcloth. The size of washcloths we have make them big enough for adults to use as well as kids. You can use it as a facecloth, to remove makeup, or any other uses you can come up with.

Do these washcloths require any special care in the wash?

No! Our Bubs Baby Cloths are meant for easy use. Toss it in the washing machine on a warm water cycle with like colors, tumble dry on low, and put it back in the diaper bag, drawer, or linen closet until it’s needed again.