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3 Cold Weather Staples for Toddlers

3 Cold Weather Staples for Toddlers

Toddlers are always on-the-go no matter what the weather is outside. In this blog post, we’ll give you tips on how you can dress your toddler for the cold weather and share some cold weather staples. 

Toddlers are always on-the-go no matter what the weather is outside. Dressing a toddler for the cold weather is almost like Goldilocks in the story, Goldilocks and the Three Bears - they can’t be too cold, they can't be too hot, and they need to be just the right temperature. It can be tricky since a toddler will never really tell you they’re cold either. That’s why in this blog post, we’ll give you tips on how you can dress your toddler for the cold weather and share some cold weather staples. 

How to dress a toddler for cold weather 

For a toddler, there’s no such thing as bad weather. Everyday is an opportunity to play! In cold weather, dressing your little one in light layers will help keep them warm. Light layers actually create pockets of air between the clothes, traps heat in, and warms your bubs up. Layers are especially great because if your little one is too warm or cold, you can easily take the layer on or remove it. We recommend using light layers because thicker clothes can actually make them too warm and sweat. The excess moisture will make them cold.

Think about layering your bubs like a sandwich - you’ll need a base layer, a middle layer, and an outer layer. The base layer is the layer closest to your little one’s skin. To help absorb any sweat, choose fabrics that can absorb moisture like bamboo, Tencel™, merino wool, and polyester. Kepe your bubs toasty warm by making sure the base layer fits snug. The middle layer goes over top of the base layer and helps to insulate them. Choose fabrics like French Terry, merino wool, fleece, or down. The middle layer should fit snug but allow your bubs to move comfortably. The outer layer helps to protect your bubs from the elements like rain, wind, and snow. This layer is waterproof and roomy to accommodate for the other two layers. 

Although toddlers never seem to be bothered by the cold weather, their bodies are extremely sensitive to it. Be mindful of protecting their extremities like their head, face, ears, hands, and feet. All of these areas are prone to the cold weather and frostbite. 

Extra clothes are a must-have for cold weather outings. Toddlers always love jumping into a puddle or a mountain of snow! You can pack extra clothes, mittens, and socks in a dry bag in case your bubs gets wet or loses a mitten. 

3 cold weather staples for toddlers

#1: A Bamboo Base Layer

Bamboo is a great material for a base layer. The material is buttery soft and breathable. For the cold weather, it is especially great because bamboo helps regulate your bubs temperature. If your bubs sweats, the material will dry quickly and is great at moisture-wicking. Because it’s naturally hypoallergenic, bubs with sensitive skin like eczema or rashes will find a base layer made from bamboo much more comfortable. For a bamboo base layer, try something from our Bamboo Basics collection like a onesie or t-shirt. For a more playful base layer, you can try one of these long sleeve onesies made from Nest Designs’ Signature bamboo cotton blend. 

Made from bamboo fibres, Tanboocel is also a great material for base layers. Our Basics Tanboocel Mock Neck Long Sleeve Shirt and Basics Tanboocel Pants are great for keeping little ones warm on cold days. 


#2: A Tencel™ Base Layer 

Tencel™ is an eco-conscious, carbon neutral material made of wood fibres from eucalyptus trees. Tencel™ is super soft and great at moisture-wicking making it great for a base layer. At Nest Designs, we’ve specifically made cold weather clothes from Tencel™ with a soft inner fleece to make it extra cozy for your bubs. Our new Tencel™ Basics collection includes a Mock Neck Long Sleeve Shirt and Basics Tanboocel Pants that your bubs will love to wear for activities like jumping in puddles, sledding, or making snowmen.


#3: A French Terry Middle Layer

French Terry has all the benefits of cotton but feels softer and cozier on. It is naturally moisture-wicking and absorbent so will keep your little one cool and dry. French Terry makes a better middle layer than fleece because it is lighter, more durable, and is better at sweat-wicking. For toddlers who are always on-the-go French Terry gives a bit of stretch so makes feels more comfortable when they move around. For a middle layer, try something from our Nest Designs’ Organic Terry Basics collection like harem pants, sweatpants, a sweatshirt, or a hoodie. 


Ready to bundle up? 

Getting outside is great for burning off extra energy. With the right clothes for the cold weather, your toddler will stay cozy and warm. A breathable, moisture-wicking base layer with a cozy middle layer, and a waterproof outer layer are key to dressing a toddler for elements like rain and snow. Ready to bundle your bubs up for any cold weather ahead? Shop our Basics collection for the perfect base and middle layers. 

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