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7 Adorable Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

7 Adorable Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

Trick-or-treating and Halloween parties are right around the corner. We can help you prepare with baby Halloween costume ideas, and safety tips for the spooky season.

Spooky season is upon us, and you know what that means—it’s time to start coming up with ideas for baby Halloween costumes! Whether your little bub is celebrating their first Halloween, or you just want to add to their costume collection, here are our 7 favourite costume ideas for babies.

1. A Construction Worker

Many babies love excavators and bulldozers. Why not dress them up as an operator of one of these large machines? Pair a long sleeve white onesie with some denim stretch pants, and an orange safety vest, and the look is pretty much complete. Add a plastic kids hard hat and some toy dump trucks, and your little one will look like they’re ready to head to the job site.

2. A Cloud

Turn your baby into a sweet nimbus with just a little ingenuity and some warm layers. With a large piece of white felt, black fabric paint, fabric glue, and some soft cotton stuffing, you can DIY a puffy cloud outfit. Finish the look with some cozy layers underneath, like our bamboo cotton long sleeve drop bottom romper in mist blue.

3. A Classic Ghost

Let’s face it, sometimes the baby Halloween costumes that are the easiest to make can be some of the sweetest. Grab some classic white long sleeve onesies, and glue black felt cutouts of eyes and mouth to the front. Pair it with a white hat, and white harem pants, and you’ve turned your baby into the cutest little ghost you’ve ever seen.

4. A Mouse

Animals are always a great costume for kids, because they offer full body coverage to keep them warm and cozy. With a Basics Tanboocel Sleeve Shirt & Pants in charcoal as the base layer, you can add a store bought mouse costume overtop, or simply add some mouse ears to your little one’s head. Help your little mouse feel more secure during trick-or-treating with a Snugz blanket.

5. A Farmer

Is there anything cuter than a baby farmer in a straw hat? Keep your little bubs extra comfy with a French terry long sleeve romper base layer, add some overalls, and their favourite bandana bib, and your little one will look like they’re ready to hop aboard a tractor.

6. Candy Corn

Little babies are even sweeter when dressed like classic Halloween Candy Corn. If you’re handy with a sewing machine or glue gun, you can make an orange, yellow, and white temporary cover for your baby’s existing long sleeve sleep bag to make them look like this Halloween treat.

7. A Loofah

This may seem like a kooky idea, but when you see a baby dressed like a loofah, it’s pretty darn cute. Start with a base of a t-shirt and white pants, then go crazy with pastel tulle for the next layer of clothing. Sew or glue loops of soft-coloured tulle to the surface of a long-sleeve shirt or sweater—don’t forget to add a little rope loop to complete the illusion.

Halloween Safety Tips

Do you like our list of cute and creative baby Halloween costumes? Make your costumes even better with these safety tips when dressing your little one up.

  • Dress babies and children in Halloween costumes that will keep them warm—especially if they’ll be out in the crisp fall weather trick-or-treating with older siblings.
  • Purchase or make costumes that fit. If shoes or costumes are the wrong size, tripping and tangling issues are more likely.
  • Make sure costumes are bright, reflective, or both. If a costume isn’t particularly bright, add some reflective tape to improve visibility.
  • Masks are dangerous for little ones, as they can make it difficult for them to breathe. Instead, rely on decorative hats and very minimal non-toxic makeup.
  • Speaking of hats, they need to fit properly. If they’re too big, they can slide down over your little bubs’ eyes.

Baby Halloween Costumes Start with a Base Layer

The last thing you want this Halloween is a little bubs who’s freezing in their costume. Every Halloween costume needs an extra layer of warmth and comfort. Check out our Nest Designs Basics Collection and get the pieces you need to create this year’s Halloween costume.

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