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Drop 1: Nest Designs SS23 Aesop’s Fables Collection

Drop 1: Nest Designs SS23 Aesop’s Fables Collection

Nest Design’s SS23 collection is here! This season, we’re excited to introduce to you a collection inspired by the legendary Aesop and his fables. 

Nest Design’s SS23 collection is here! This season, we’re excited to introduce to you a collection inspired by the legendary Aesop and his fables. 

About Our SS23 Collection

Join us this spring and summer as we celebrate Aesop and his endearing legacy. Nest Designs reimagines Aesop, the famous Greek storyteller’s tales and brings them to life. His fables and their valuable lessons have been passed on for generations. Our collection takes famous tales like The Tortoise & The Hare to lesser known stories like The Frog & The Ox and brings them to life. In this collection, you’ll find modernly playful prints to whimsical drawings.

Nest Designs SS23

Introducing Our SS23 Prints

In Nest Designs’ SS23 collection, Aesop’s Fables, you’ll revisit eight fables through prints. 

 The Ant & The Grasshopper 

A story with the moral, “There’s a time for work and a time for play.”, is playfully illustrated in soft, earthy shades. In this print, the Grasshopper wanders at the end of the summer and meets a family of hardworking Ants as they begin storing their harvest for the winter.  

The Ant and The Grasshopper

The Goose & The Golden Eggs 

This print uses soft, earth shades to illustrate the Goose who laid beautiful, glittering, golden eggs every day for the Countryman. In this story, Aesop teaches children that, “Greed can often overreach itself.” 

The Goose and The Golden Eggs

The Fox & The Grapes

A story with the moral, “It’s easy to despise something beyond our reach. Nothing comes easy but with hard work, you’ll reach your goals.”, this print illustrates the Fox and his desire for hanging grapes in a whimsical illustration.  

The Fox and the Grapes

The Tortoise & The Hare

This print uses soft shades to whimsically illustrate the famous Aesop tale. This story reminds children that “Slow and steady will win the race.”.

The Tortoise and The Hare

The Lion & The Mouse

In a modern and playful illustration, this colourful print shares the story of the Lion and a Mouse who meet and share acts of kindness with each other. The moral of this story with an unlikely ending is, “An act of kindness is never wasted.”.

The Lion and The Mouse

The Frog & The Ox

This whimsical print of the Frog leaping with an Ox amid his presence illustrates the moral, “Aim high but don’t try to achieve the impossible.” with earthy shades of green and blue.

The Frog and the Ox

The Wolf & The Crane

This whimsical print shares the story of the Crane who risked his life to help the Wolf only to learn, “Don’t expect rewards from someone who has no honour. Be careful of who you surround yourself with.” 

The Wolf and The Crane

The Town Mouse & The Country Mouse 

This print playfully modern and colourful illustrates the simple life of the Country Mouse and how she follows the Town Mouse to the city with big hopes and dreams. In this story, children learn that “A simple life is better to live when you’re content than a life of abundance but full of fear.” 

The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse

Lighter Fabrics, Lighter TOGs

Nest Designs uses lighter, breathable fabrics to welcome the warmer weather. This season, you’ll find our swaddle sleep bags, sleep bags, and footed sleep bags (previously called sleep suits) in lighter TOGs including 0.23 TOG, 0.5 TOG, and 1.0 TOG. We use fabrics like GOTS certified organic cotton, bamboo silk, bamboo jersey, and avocado bamboo which are super soft, gentle on sensitive skin, and better for the planet. 

We’re excited to be introducing our new collection to you in different drops this season. 

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