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Fall & Winter 2020: Introducing Our Pacific Northwest Collection

Fall & Winter 2020: Introducing Our Pacific Northwest Collection

Nest Designs is a Vancouver, BC company that produces premium baby sleepwear made from a blend of our buttery soft bamboo and organic cotton. This season’s collection pays homage to our upbringing in the Pacific Northwest. British Columbia brings vast amounts of nature in every corner, with its mountainous terrain coupled with the deep blue ocean, making the Pacific Northwest a sight to see for all nature lovers.


Nest Designs is Giving Back

Our love of nature is inspired by the work of the David Suzuki Foundation. Caring for the planet is important to us so we’ve partnered with the David Suzuki Foundation and will donate some of our proceeds to the vital work they do. David Suzuki is one of our hometown heroes, and we’re proud that our company shares a city with him. Since we were young, Vancouver-born scientist and environmental activist David Suzuki spoke to us through television, radio, and newspaper. We like him because he took evidence-based research about the planet and explained it to us in a way everyone could understand. He taught us why we need to take care of the planet—a message that becomes more important given the current state of the environment.

The big takeaway: we all need to do our part to make this world a better place and create a better future for our children. For decades, David Suzuki has been a worldwide voice for the natural world. His national, non-profit foundation aims to maintain and protect the environment and make our country more sustainable. Right now their major priorates are environmental rights, climate solutions, and biodiversity, but they also focus on projects like protection of at-risk species (such as the Salish Sea orcas), protection of coastal waters, sustainable transportation, and more. The foundation helps educate readers about our connection to the natural world. If we take care of the planet, we’re taking care of humankind.  

Orca Whale

We’re not separate from nature, we’re part of it. We love the natural world, and our little ones deserve the gift of a healthy planet. Check out this collection inspired by nature’s beauty!