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Spring & Summer 2021: Introducing Our Country Charm Collection

Spring & Summer 2021: Introducing Our Country Charm Collection

SS21 Collection Inspiration

At Nest Designs, we create products for babies, children, and moms made from high-quality materials and beautiful designs. For the Spring and Summer 2021 collection, we take a few steps back from fast-paced city life and appreciate the long days, fresh air, and carefree nature of time in the country. This collection brings fresh designs drawing inspiration from simple country living—fresh food and flowers from the garden and the animals that graze through the fields. Our prints pay homage to the sweetness of pomegranates, friendly oxen, springtime florals, and delightful squirrels.

Our Country Charm prints aren’t all that’s new around here; we’re introducing new products too! Get ready for our ¾ sleeve bamboo rompers that are perfect for the warmer weather, playful printed leggings, t-shirts, shorts, and more.

Get ready to fall in love with our Country Charm collection and new products!

Our SS21 Charity Partnership

Children are at the heart of the work we do at Nest Designs. We’ve chosen The SickKids Foundation as our charity partner for our Spring/Summer 2021 collection. We’re donating 600 of our products for patients and $10,000 of sales proceeds from our SS21 collection to help fund the valuable care and research SickKids provides.

SickKids is a long-standing fixture in Canadian healthcare, dating back to 1875. For almost 150 years they’ve provided care to children, dedicating themselves to improving children’s health across the country and taking part in global healthcare initiatives. Over its long history, this hospital expanded its work beyond bedside care and transformed into a research hospital for ground-breaking advancements in the child healthcare industry.

We greatly support the work of SickKids and their tremendous effort to make children feel better. The hospital’s values and their focus on putting kids first align with the principles we hold dear at Nest Designs. Donating to such an important cause matters to us because all kids deserve the freedom of being kids without the worry of health issues.




Our SS21 collection was inspired by worry-free country living, a luxury for some. Parents and children who spend time in a hospital need a mental escape more than most. If you want to make a difference for sick children, SickKids accepts various types of donations.


Every child deserves carefree playtime inspired by the countryside. Make sure to check out our new collection and learn more about SickKids.