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Top 5 Essentials for Babies & Kids This Summer

Top 5 Essentials for Babies & Kids This Summer

Calling all mamas who are so ready for an epic summer with your sweet bundles of joy! Here at Nest Designs, we want to share our exciting top 5 picks for your summer must-haves! Whether you are looking for a gift for a friend or something to sweeten up your collection for your little one, here are our favorites that you have to check out!


1. Lightweight Sleep Bag

One of our favorite items during the hot summer season is the lightweight Sleep Sack for our baby or toddler. Our Nest Design’s Sleeveless 0.6 TOG sleep sack is super comfortable with our signature 4-layer bamboo blend. We also carry a 1.0 TOG sleep sack with swaddle wings for those cooler nights when you want to wrap your baby up in their cozy sleep sack. Whichever TOG rating you choose depends on the season you’re in and the temperature of your baby’s room. Make sure you check out our new Eric Carle collection for your summer essentials!


2. Lightweight Sleep Suit

For our little movers and shakers, our ever popular Sleep Suit is a summer must-have during those naps and long nights. Whichever TOG rating you choose for your active sleeper depends on the weather and the temperature of your little one’s room. We recommend taking a look at our 0.6 or 1.0 TOG sleep suits for your little one. Now you can lounge around and have a cozy and lazy morning with your little one without the worry of your kids getting a chill or being too warm.


3. Summer PJs

Once your precious baby gets a bit older, it’s time to consider upgrading to one of Nest Design’s super versatile toddler Summer PJs. Our selections include the ¾ sleeves rompers, one-piece zippered PJ, as well as our two-piece bamboo jersey or organic cotton PJ sets. Our bamboo jersey PJs, made with our signature silky blend, is ultra-soft against your toddler’s skin. As for our organic cotton PJs, you will love and appreciate the breathability and durability of the cozy soft fabric. There is a wide variety of prints to choose from, why not get a few to mix and match?


4. Rompers

Next up, meet our new summer staple, the lightweight Romper by Nest Designs. The loose fit allows your little adventurer to roam around freely and comfortably during those late mornings. Individual snaps along the bottom, as well as left shoulder snaps, will enable you to access that dirty diaper for a change easily or to change your baby into her daytime outfit.

5. Hooded Towels




Summer means a lot of time outdoor play time and getting messy here at Nest Designs – that’s why one of our favorite must-haves include our Hooded Towels. Our 9-layer muslin hooded towel wraps are twice as absorbent as a regular towel, which means a quicker clean-up and more time to enjoy with your kids. If ultimate comfort is what you seek instead, check out our organic cotton hooded blankets that are billowy soft against your baby’s skin. There you have it – our top 5 summer essentials that you can add to your home, or pack with you for your next summer adventure.