Growing Pains…

We know we’ve been silent the last little while – been busy ramping out for our Nest Noir collection release! Nest Noir has been a combination of influences from my early art days, as well as from real moms and dads with the simple notion that there aren’t enough items in the baby world suitable for an adult’s style (since you’re the one that has to sport the stuff too). We aim to please!

I’ve always been an avid doodler, letting each line guide me into the next, creating a surprising end piece with no specific intention – and this is how Nest Noir came to be. We like it – hope you do too!

Feather Light sketches

Fancy Fish sketches

Hot mess of a house – sorting and packing!

It has been quite the process getting from a-b, and now onto c. Anyone who’s said or says starting your own business is easy, is flat out lying. Let me tell it to you plain and straight, its not. Any small business owner can tell you there are sleepless nights, stressful days and times where you really want to give up…but then there are those small victories that push you forward and let you not only step, but skip to the next thing. (note – having an amazingly supportive husband, really helps! Thanks hubby, you know you’re my rock.)

Remember…there is a solution, though not always easy ones, to every problem!

I know our journey so far hasn’t been all that long but basically what I’m saying is that we are here to stay. We will progress. We will grow. We will fight the good fight and keep chasing those dreams until they become reality. We will take on those challenges without compromise and it will all be worth it in the end.