Mother’s Day

My beautiful family (I'm the little one in the middle)

My beautiful family (I’m the little one in the middle)

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and has always been a strange one for me…my mother passed away when I was just a little thing, about 5 years old, so I didn’t have the chance to know her the way I would have wanted to. What I know is that she was a smart, stylish woman, sometimes strict but always loving. Being so young at that time, I’m not even sure I remember how it affected me.

I do know that I was fortunate to have the support of so many other strong women in my life and they have all had a hand in shaping me into the woman I am today. My grandmother taught me obedience and patience, my aunties taught me a gentle selflessness, close friends (and their mothers) taught me humor and sarcasm, my step-mother taught me kindness and to be open minded, best of all were my sisters who both taught me undeniable strength, wit and perseverance. Although I didn’t have my real mother around, I was surrounded with love from a culmination of personalities and characters that I profoundly respect, and for that I am eternally grateful for.

To all the Mothers  (and mother figures) – you embody the loving spirit that helps to guide and shape those little ones in your life and for that you deserve the Happiest of Mother’s Day.