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Our Mission

We create high-quality baby products that fit seamlessly into the modern mama’s lifestyle. Design with functionality and longevity is our priority and serves at the motivation in our product line. Fast fashion isn’t good for the environment, which is why we make items that stand the test of time. Here at Nest Designs, we create children’s products that are evergreen—built to last so they never go out of style. Your baby deserves the best, and that’s what we strive to create.


Nest Designs started in Vancouver, BC in 2014, and we happily remain here to this day. We put a little bit of our west coast vibe into all of our pieces; our love of the mountains, the ocean, and our hometown inspire the designs and themes of many of our sustainable baby products.

We focus on the little things

At Nest Designs, we take the time to enjoy and acknowledge the little things. We make an effort to stay ever present for all the little moments and focus on the small aspects of our lives, including our business. From the tiny details of our designs to the simple, everyday moments with your little bubs—they all matter to us. So many of us keep looking to the future and anticipating the big milestones. Your baby’s first steps and first words are unforgettable. We love these milestones so much. It feels like all of your baby’s firsts happen so quickly; that’s why we think it’s important to slow down and live each moment to the fullest and savour every day. Celebrate the little things. Take an extra moment to notice how your little one’s cheeks turn pink after playing outside in cool weather. Or how loud they laugh when they pet a dog. Or that special smile they give only you when they wake up in the morning. There are so many beautiful moments to catch in each day. Cheers to all these beautiful, little moments!

Our Founder

Tammy Lo, our founder and designer, is from Vancouver, Canada. With a background in graphics and marketing, she loves the creative process and bringing her ideas to life, hand sketching all the prints. Having previously worked in the luxury fashion industry, she has learnt what it takes to make quality products—an education which serves as the foundation of all our Nest Designs creations.

When her sister was pregnant, Tammy could not find the soft palettes or gender neutral prints that suited her and her sister’s style. She became inspired to start designing for babies and mamas who valued both fashion and function, which is how Nest Designs was born.

Now, as a mother, Tammy is working hard to create new products and continue the growth at Nest Designs with her little one by her side.

Why we started

We wanted to create a line of premium babywear and baby products that were sustainably made with a clean and simple look fit for any baby. Our products are made for parents seeking stylish, soft color palettes and neutral prints—suitable for both baby boys and girls.

Everything starts with purposeful design—we want pieces to be timeless, durable, and practical. Some of our products are intended to grow with your little one so they see much more use.


Our designs are for parents looking for modern, stylish, and environmentally friendly baby products. We source fabrics that are great for your baby as well as the planet, such as bamboo and GOTS certified organic cotton. We make products for families who want quality materials for their little ones.


• We care greatly about how our actions impact the environment. We believe in environmental stewardship and we’re doing our part for the planet, with a constant drive to find more ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We’re working on eliminating waste and packaging and finding more ways to be green.

• From the beginning, Nest Designs has always used environmentally friendly materials and methods. We don’t compromise on quality, which shows in the end product.

• We believe in giving back to our community and taking care of those around us by partnering with organizations that make a difference, such as the David Suzuki Foundation and the BC Children’s Hospital.

• We’re here for our customers. We always want to do right by you and hear about your experience. We value every transaction; providing exceptional customer service is important to us.

• Safety is paramount. We work with third-party testing to ensure absolute safety with our products so you can shop with ease.

Our fabrics

We source fabrics and materials that are great for your baby as well as the planet, such as a bamboo blend, GOTS certified organic cotton, Pima cotton, and sorona fill. We choose high-quality fabrics that are good for delicate skin and the environment. Our fabrics are durable, comfortable, hygienic, and breathable—you’ll feel good about wrapping your baby in these materials.

We believe in sourcing materials that are thoroughly tested and certified. For example, our muslin collection is tested for factors like breathability and pilling.

• Bamboo is light weight, absorbent, quick drying, and very soft for baby’s skin.

• GOTS organic cotton is grown to have low impact on the environment, a quality material that’s hypoallergenic, and a comfy choice for babies.

• Pima cotton is made of silkier-feeling cotton fibers to create soft, strong, and luxurious-feeling fabric.

• Sorona®️ Eco-efficient Performance Fiber keeps baby warm, and the material stretches and shrinks with the fabric to resist tearing, wrinkling, and deformation.

For more in-depth information on what we use to make our product line (and their benefits), please go to our fabrics page.


All of our products are designed in Vancouver, BC. We work with a few overseas manufacturers to make our designs come to life, each of which we’ve met face to face! We hand-pick our partners based on the quality of their product, craftsmanship skills, and experience in the field, but also how they operate. Each product goes through a rigorous review process to ensure top quality.

It’s important that the companies we work with take care of their employees and create an enjoyable, safe, and sociable working environment.