Textures textures textures…


For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved design. Even as a young child, I would take it upon myself to ‘redecorate’ my room in my favourite color, what kid do you know saves their allowance money to get lamps and curtains?! So here I am to share some of my curated visions…

I’m all about textures in a space. I feel it really enriches a room, and gives it depth and definition. It also warms up a space and keeps things interesting playing on your sense of sight and touch.



With this scheme I would keep all hard furniture white, and add neutral tones throughout with items like the rugs and throw pillows. If you wanted to add an accent color, you could choose a warm muted tone (such as in the wall art) to keep a calm comfortable vibe.

**Centered around our Feather Light Grey Blankie & Crib Sheet