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Blankets for Your Growing Little Bub

Selecting the best baby or toddler blanket is a bigger decision than one might expect. From TOG rating to fabric choice to size, the options may feel endless, leaving you with more questions about which one is the right one for your little bub. 

Luckily, Nest Designs offers a wide variety of blankets to fill every need. Our blankets give little ones a warm hug through cold seasons, or lightweight comfort when it’s warmer out. Regardless of the weather, you can find a blanket to suit your needs with Nest Designs.

We make blankets for toddlers and babies that are functional but look beautiful in the nursery too. Every print is hand-drawn and incorporates gentle colours for a charming blanket suitable for any baby. 

When to Transition to a Blanket

Blankets for young babies aren’t safe, which makes it important for parents to understand which type of blankets are best for babies (such as swaddling blankets) versus toddlers, who can sleep through the night with a blanket. 

If you aren’t sure if your child is ready to sleep with a blanket the best option is one of our Nest Designs sleep suits. There is no precise time to switch to a nighttime blanket for your child, as every child is unique. Some pediatricians say that around 12 months is a good time for a healthy baby while others suggest waiting for 18 months. 

The Right Fabrics for Baby and Toddler Blankets

The primary material that we use in our blankets are Sorona, bamboo, and certified organic cotton. These fabrics are a great choice for a baby’s sensitive skin. We hand select these luxurious materials because they are safe and cozy for your child and create less environmental impact than other materials. 

Our Sorona fabric is woven from partially plant-based ingredients, making it soft and flexible for your baby. This material is perfect for little ones, as it’s stain-resistant with a low water absorption rate, making it easy to clean up after accidents or spills.

Bamboo fabric is highly sustainable since the raw material grows almost as fast as your baby! For baby’s sensitive skin, it’s anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, breathable, and thermal regulating. An additional benefit of bamboo is that it dries quickly and wicks moisture away from sleeping babies.

Our Organic Cotton has GOTS certification, which illustrates that we use sustainable and natural production methods. By choosing sustainable fabrics, we hoping to leave the world a better place for our little ones. Our cotton is hypoallergenic and contains no chemicals or GMOs, which is the best option for babies and toddlers.

To learn more about our carefully selected, eco-friendly fabrics, visit our fabrics page.

TOG ratings for Toddler Blankets

When selecting your child’s blanket, always consider the TOG rating. The TOG helps determine the warmth of each item, this rating helps parents make educated choices on blankets based on the temperature and season they will be used. The thickness of the material can often be misleading, so a TOG rating is the easiest way to determine what blanket you need. 

Different Size Blankets at Nest Designs

We offer six different sizes for our baby and toddler blankets.

  • 35 inches by 35 inches

Our Organic Cotton Hooded Blankets come in this size, they’re perfect for swaddling newborns and infants. 

  • 43 inches by 55 inches (crib size) 

This size is perfect for lining standard-size cribs. With Nest Designs, our blankets are beautifully designed without sacrificing safety.

  • 47 inches by 47 inches 

Find products like our Bamboo Swaddle Blankies and 4 Layer Nesting Baby Blankets in this size. These are both terrific options for a multipurpose blanket.

  • 53 inches by 43 inches 

This longer blanket is a versatile choice, perfect for a growing toddler.

  • 56 inches by 80 inches 

We made a larger 4 Layer Bamboo Nesting Toddler Blanket for our older bubs. This size suits outdoor adventures, naptime, or cozy reading on the couch.

  • 57 inches by 70 inches (toddler size) 

This size sits right in between the crib size and twin, just right for toddler beds.

  • 70 inches by 90 inches (twin size) 

This is the largest size we carry for toddler blankets. Once your child moves to a twin bed, they need larger blankets of this size.

Nest Designs Blankets

At Nest Designs, we have baby and toddler blankets for all occasions.

Duvet and Duvet Cover

Our child duvet covers are a great option by themselves for warmer nights and our Sorona fill duvet can be added when the weather becomes chilly, for year-round comfort. Our child duvet covers come with zipper closure to easily pop in the duvet. 

Quilted Bamboo Cozy Blanket

Once your child has transitioned to blankets, our Quilted Bamboo Blankets can be used daily. It may become your little bubs’ new favourite because it’s lightweight and super comfy.

Organic Cotton Hooded Blanket

The Organic Cotton Hooded Blanket is a great transition blanket for your child. This blanket features a hood that can be removed as your child ages, allowing it to be utilized as a plain blanket once the hood is no longer needed. 

Snugz Lovey Blanket

With our Snugz Lovey Blankets, a friend for your child is never far away. These blankets feature a small animal for your little one to cuddle and hold. Since it’s lightweight and soft, your child can take it with them anywhere. Another added bonus, it’s easier to clean than a stuffed animal.

4 Layer Bamboo Nesting Blanket 

Our 4 Layer Bamboo Nesting Toddler Blanket has four layers of protection for your child. This blanket is versatile enough it can be used outside or inside. It’s soft and lightweight, making it perfect for toddlers to wrap around themselves. As a bonus, this blanket comes with a matching bub baby cloth!

Bamboo Swaddle Blanket

Our Bamboo Swaddle Blankets are lightweight and breathable for your baby. These blankets are a lifesaver for a messy baby, as they are absorbent and quick drying making sure the baby stays dry. The added benefit is every time you wash these blankets, they become softer. These blankets are great multi-purpose items as they have endless uses outside of swaddling like nursing covers, stroller covers, and burp cloths.

Quilted Bamboo Winter Blanket

Our Quilted Bamboo Winter Blanket is perfect for cold nights, as they provide your child with some extra warmth from a high TOG rating. From crib size to twin, this blanket is a perfect choice for colder climates or seasons. 

Organic Cotton Hooded Winter Blanket

Our Organic Cotton Hooded Winter Blanket features a corner hood, allowing your child to wear the blanket and wrap themselves up for a snuggle. As your child grows up and no longer needs the hood it can be easily removed, allowing the blanket to grow up with them. 


How do I know which TOG to get?

TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) is the measure of thermal insulation, allowing parents to choose the right blanket for the child’s environment. For cold environments, you want to pick a higher TOG rating, and likewise, for warm environments, you want to pick a lower rating. 

When picking your TOG, think about outside factors that could influence your child’s sleep. Is the room warm or cool? Do they wear thick or thin PJs to bed? These factors will help you select the perfect TOG. See our TOG Rating Resource Guide to learn more.

Are Blankets Dangerous for Babies?

Generally, babies can start to use blankets at around one-year-old with healthy babies if they are used safely. Blankets can be a choking hazard, which is why it’s important not to transition to a blanket too early. The best option if you are not comfortable with blankets is to use a sleep suit and we provide sizes to 6T.

How do I use a swaddling blanket?

Swaddling blankets should feel like a good hug; they shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. To start, fold the blanket into a triangle shape. Place your baby on the triangle with their feet pointed to the tip. Taking the left side, slightly bend your child’s right arm and tuck the blanket underneath. Bring the bottom up to cover their feet. Last take the right side, bend their left arm and bring it across your babies’ chest to tuck the remaining fabric underneath them. 

To keep your baby safe only swaddle on flat surfaces where they can’t roll, use a light blanket, avoid covering above the shoulders, and stop swaddling once your child can make strong movements. A good rule of thumb with a swaddle is if it would make an uncomfortable hug, it makes an uncomfortable swaddle.

How big should a baby blanket be?

The size of a baby blanket depends on its intended purpose. You don’t want excess fabric for your baby blanket as it could pose a health risk, especially for infants. For bedding, make sure you select the size that fits the crib or bed properly. We make our sizes based on careful consideration for safety and the function of the blanket.

How do I wash my baby or toddler blanket?

Your child will spend a lot of time close to their blanket, so cleanliness is very important. To wash your child’s blanket, use cold water and wash with like colors. Blankets should be washed once or twice a week, or as needed when an accident or stain occurs. Do not bleach, iron, or dry clean the blankets, simply tumble dry on low.

Do baby blankets make good baby shower gifts?

Baby blankets make perfect baby shower gifts. These gifts also come with the added gift of longevity as babies won’t age as quickly out of them as they would with clothing. Once you learn about which blanket suits the new parent’s needs, you can make an educated and practical purchase.