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Basics Collection

Quality Basics are Better Basics

At Nest Designs, we use the finest fabrics and durable designs to create soft, simple outfits for women, children, and babies. Our Basics provide everyday comfort no matter what’s on the agenda—from lounging around the house to activity-fueled afternoons in the sunshine. These timeless, practical designs look amazing on their own or layered with other pieces from your wardrobe.
Nest Designs Quality Shows in the Details
We make clothing for women and children that looks fantastic, feels heavenly, and offers functionality. Our aim is to elevate everyday wear with premium fabrics and small details that you appreciate.
It starts with the design and fit of our clothes. We keep our Basics designs minimal, letting the quality speak for itself. Our products are made for a variety of sizes and body types, so you can find a garment that suits you and your children.

Features in our Children’s Basics Clothing
When it serves the design, our Kids’ and Babies’ Basics include details such as:
  • Shoulder snaps. Many of our kids’ shirts have two snap buttons on the shoulder, which extend the size of the neck hole. This helps you (or children starting to dress themselves) get the shirt over their heads without a struggle.
  • Drop-bottom. One of our rompers features a drop-bottom design, making potty training easier. Children can undo the snaps easily when it’s time to go.
  • Kimono design. Many of our baby Basics feature a kimono design, which fastens with snaps up the side. Not only are they cute, but side snaps also make tummy time more comfortable. Children aren’t putting their weight on traditional snaps or zippers that fasten up the front.
Nest Designs Basics Fabric Choices
If you’re familiar with our company, you know we’re big fans of cozy, functional fashion. We hand-select each of our fabrics to find the softest, best-quality materials. We only use skin-friendly textiles that move with you and your little bubs. Nest Designs fabrics smell cleaner, minimize allergy triggers, and feel buttery soft against the skin. Our Basics are made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton, ribbed organic cotton, or our eco-friendly bamboo cotton blend.
Environmental Benefits from Choosing Organic and Eco-Friendly Materials
We love the earth. Our passion for the environment helps guide the choices we make at Nest Designs, from our fabrics to our manufacturing processes. Better Basics aren’t just nice for our customers; they’re better for our planet too. Some perks include:
  • Less greenhouse gas emissions
  • Less water used to produce organic cotton and bamboo compared to other types of fabrics (like GMO cotton)
  • Healthier soil from not using synthetic fertilizers, toxic herbicides, and pesticides
  • Decreased fertilizer runoff keeps chemicals out of waterways
  • No micro-plastics enter the waterways when organic clothes go through the laundry
  • Fabric that’s biodegradable at the end of its lifespan

Dangers of Fast Fashion
Our Basics collection never goes out of style. These products are long-lasting and can be passed down to younger siblings when they’re outgrown. We make clothes that are built to last and use healthy, premium fabrics that you can feel good about. We take these measures as we don’t agree with the practices of fast fashion.
Fast fashion is trendy clothing made from cheap materials that can harm people and the planet. The dyes, resins, formaldehyde, and other chemicals used in growing and manufacturing these fabrics may cause allergic reactions to the skin. Typically, fast fashion fibers are highly processed with chemicals that weaken the fabric, so clothes have a much shorter lifespan and end up in landfills.

How to Care for Your Nest Designs Organic Cotton Basics and Bamboo Basics
Our Basics have simplicity built into the design, which carries over into our care instructions. When you bring your Nest Designs Basics home, wash them before their initial use. We recommend washing in warm water with similar colours and tumble-drying on low. Don’t bleach, iron, or dry clean your Basics products.


FAQs about our Basics Collection

Why don’t these products come in prints?
We make our basics go with everything. This collection is made with clean and simple designs with functional details that are practical for everyday wear.

What’s the difference between the certified organic cotton, ribbed cotton, and bamboo cotton blend fabrics?
All these fabrics are soft, eco-friendly, and durable. Our organic cotton and ribbed cotton are made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton. The ribbed weave gives some stretch to garments for better movement and increased airflow. Our bamboo cotton blend is eco-friendly, with increased moisture wicking and a touch of spandex for stretchiness.
What makes a fabric organic?
Organic fabrics are made sustainably and cleanly; they’re non-toxic to you and the environment. They use natural fertilizers in a controlled setting, and they do not use pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals. Fabrics can be called organic as long as 95% of the fabric is made of organic material.