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Bib Bandanas

Baby Bandana Bibs for Fashion and Function

We love that bandana bibs look more like an accessory than a traditional baby bib. They’re an easy addition to any outfit, protecting it from drool, food, spit-up, and more. These bibs stand up against the drooliest babies and sloppiest eaters. When the bandana bib gets dirty or wet remove it or swap it out for a fresh one.

Nest Designs Bandana Bibs

We do bibs the right way—with elevated style and protection. Our hand-drawn designs offer a fashionable look that contributes to any adorable outfit. Made to protect your little one’s clothing, you can pick up our bandana bibs in a single or two-pack.

Our bandana bibs grow with your little one, providing parents with long-term use. Our bibs have two snap buttons for the best fit, saving parents from needing to upgrade to a bigger size. When your little one grows too big for the small setting, use the outer snap for a comfortable fit. The length of our bandana bibs is just right—long enough to catch drool and food, but not so long that they find their way into your child’s bowl or plate.

Bandana Bib Fabrics

We know our bibs are super cute, but they’re also a skin-friendly and pillow-soft material for your little one’s comfort. Made of our buttery bamboo blend, the fabric is soft and absorbent, so it soaks up drool and spills efficiently. Best of all, unlike some chic baby outfits, our bamboo bandana bibs are easy to wash and dry. 

We source premium fabrics that are friendly and clean for your cherished little ones. Visit our materials page for more information about the fabrics we use.

When to Start Using a Bib for Your Baby

You don’t have to wait until your baby starts eating solid foods to use a bandana bib. Some babies drool a lot from infancy and parents use bibs to soak up the excess drool rather than change wet outfits throughout the day (they’re getting changed enough as it is!). You’re sure to find many opportunities to use these bibs throughout the day.

Bib Fit and Safety

Our bibs come with adjustable sizing so you get one that fits your little love just right. Bibs should fit snugly, but not tightly. The right fit helps prevent your little one from ripping the bib off or from leaving a gap that food or liquid can fall through.

Babies and children should always be supervised when wearing a bib. When they don’t require the bib, it should be removed.

Benefits of Our Bandana Bibs

There are some great benefits to using a bandana bib, including:

  • Headache-free mealtime. No more anticipating an outfit change after every meal or snack. Kids get messy when they eat; this layer of protection between their clothes and food is less work for you to clean up.
  • Comfort. We use high-quality fabrics for all our products, including bibs. Lesser quality bibs may cause irritation to your child’s skin and they’ll be more focused on removing their bib than eating.
  • Easy to clean. Related to the first point, undo the bib and throw it into the wash, easy peasy! Wash it in warm water and tumble dry on low.
  • Portability. An extra bandana bib or two in the diaper bag takes up much less room than several additional outfits.

FAQs About Our Baby Bandana Bibs

Do babies need bibs?

Need? No. Will they make a parent’s life easier? Absolutely. Parents need all the help they can get. Bibs are easier to wash and change rather than outfits on a wiggly child. With the amount of mess little ones make through the day, a bib can make cleanup a whole lot simpler. When your little one outgrows the drooling stage, upgrade to one of our sleeved bib covers or kids smocks for even more protection during mealtime & messy art activities.