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Sleep Bags

Bedtime Never Looked So Good

Ultra-soft fabrics, check. Safety and comfort, check. Beautiful hand-drawn prints, check. Our Nest Designs sleep bags are a wearable blanket that checks all the boxes that your little bub needs to be cute and cozy all night long. Designed to fit newborns up to 18 months, our sleep sacks come in a variety of styles and charming prints to suit any baby.

Nest Designs Sleep Bags

Nest Designs sleep bags encloses the baby securely enough for safety, but loosely enough for them to move their limbs comfortably. From swaddle designs to sleep sacks without the swaddle for babies that don’t like being constrained, we’ve got you covered. For different climates, we have sleep sacks that are sleeveless, long-sleeved, or have removable sleeves in a variety of TOGs to make sure your baby is comfortable. All of our sleep sacks have a two-way zipper so parents can deftly manoeuvre a 3am diaper change without disturbing the baby too much.

Our Sleep Bag Materials

Baby’s skin is super delicate, and at Nest Designs, we never sacrifice quality. Nest Designs sleep bags are made of either 100% GOTS Organic Cotton or Bamboo. Fabrics that are skin-friendly for baby, lightweight, moisture wicking, breathable, and ultra-soft wrap your little one in comfort while they’re in dreamland. We use eco-efficient Sorona fill to keep your little one nice and toasty. Want to learn more about our fabrics? Check out our materials page.

When to Use a Sleep Sack for Baby

Sleep sacks should be used with young babies as a safe alternative to a loose blanket. Our sleep bags are intended for all babies through the year; keep your little bub warm with a seasonally-appropriate sleep sacks. Sleep sacks are usually introduced around three months, but our sleep bags incorporate swaddles into some designs so you can use them from birth. Once your baby becomes a toddler, they can graduate to a loose blanket.

Benefits of a Sleep Bag

Safety and comfort are our biggest priority when it comes to bedtime. Here are some perks of using a sleep bag:

Your baby gets better sleep because of the security they feel in an enclosed blanket (which means more sleep for parents too!)

It keeps material from covering your baby’s face, unlike loose sheets and blankets that don’t stay put through the night

It gives a correct and consistent body temperature, so the baby doesn’t overheat.

To Swaddle or Not to Swaddle

Some babies don’t like to be swaddled, and that’s okay, you can use a newborn sleep bag right away for a baby that doesn’t like being constrained. Swaddling should make your baby feel like they’re snug as a bug and mimic the feeling of being in the womb. You’ve seen this burrito-style wrap; it’s meant to restrict arm and leg movement in baby’s first few months and helps minimize wake-ups from their natural startle reflex while keeping their face safe from scratching. Switch to a sleep bag before they’re rolling over on their own—you don’t want them to get stuck facedown.

We give you the best of both worlds. If you’re not sure whether your baby will respond to swaddling or you want an option that gives a smooth transition from swaddling to a sleep bag, we have designs that have removable swaddle wings. It’s a terrific option for parents that second-guess how to swaddle properly too, because our design is easy to use.

Let’s Talk TOG

All of our sleep bags have a Thermal Overall Grade (TOG) rating. This number indicates what kind of temperature the sleep bag is intended for. We have five different TOG ratings. A lower TOG, such as 0.25 TOG, 0.6 TOG, and 1.0 TOG, is made with lightweight fabric and meant for spring or summer. A heavier TOG, such as 2.5 TOG or 3.5 TOG are thicker and constructed for cooler months in fall and winter.

FAQs About Our Sleep Bags

Why should my baby use a sleep sack?

Safety and comfort! A sleep sack keeps fabric away from your little one’s face while they’re asleep and keeps them secure and comfortable like an all-encompassing hug.

How should a Nest Designs sleep bag fit the baby?

Make sure you’re using a sleep bag intended for your baby’s age/size. Your baby should only take up ¾ of the bag, leaving the other ¼ for them to move around a little bit.

Why should I choose a sleep sack instead of a sleep suit?

There are definite perks to both options. Some reasons to choose a sleep sack is that they’re better for smaller babies, you can layer more clothes underneath, and they generally fit for longer than sleep suits as they offer more room to grow.

What does a baby wear under a sleep bag?

Dress them in whatever works best for the temperature of the room, keeping in mind the TOG rating of the sleep bag. Babies have a very charming way of letting you know if they’re too hot or cold (hello, crying!). You can put pajamas or onesies underneath, or let them sleep in just a diaper if it’s comfortable for them.

Which sleep bags are best for warm seasons?

Choose a sleep bag with a lighter TOG rating, such as 0.25 TOG, 0.6 TOG, and 1.0 TOG.

Which sleep bags are best for cold seasons?

A heavier TOG, such as 2.5 TOG or 3.5 TOG

Do I want long or short sleeves on a sleep bag?

Depending on the temperature and what’s most comfortable for your baby, select no sleeves or short sleeves in warmer temperatures and sleeves for cooler temperatures. For a versatile option, pick a sleep sack with removable sleeves.

How should I clean a sleep sack?

It’s super easy to keep your Nest Designs sleep bag clean, just toss it in the wash! A few instructions: wash it in warm water with similar colors and tumble dry on low. Don’t bleach, iron, or dry clean. Poof! It’s ready for another night of slumber.

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