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Looks Like a Onesie, Warms Like a Blanket.

Sleep suits are a wearable blanket that moves comfortably with any active sleeper. A sleep suit gives your little one obstacle-free movement through the night, keeping them safe and their temperature consistent. You can think of a sleep suit as a cross between a sleep sack and a baby blanket. 

Is your baby ready to graduate from a swaddle? Sleep suits are a great transition; they fit like PJs, covering a baby’s body but not their head, and give support and warmth that feels like a comforting hug.

Nest Designs Sleep Suits

We incorporate small details in our designs to make a sleep suit that’s the perfect bedtime blanket. Our sleep suits are for babies and toddlers from 6 months to 6T.

Nest Designs sleep suits feature two-way zippers and snap bottoms, allowing access for hassle-free diaper changes and an easier time when potty training. Our sleep suits have a fabric flap, which protects the baby’s skin from any zipper irritation. The design features stretchy side panels to accommodate movement—once your little one is on the go, you need products that move with them. And when it’s too cold to go barefoot, cover up their tiny feet by unfolding the ankle cuff.

Designed for active sleepers, our sleep suits can be layered up or down, and they keep your baby warm and comfortable throughout the night. Available in short or long sleeves and a range of TOGs, we carry sleep suits for any season.


Our Sleep Suit Fabrics

Made with the same great material as our sleep bags, our sleep suits are made of either 100% GOTS Organic Cotton or Bamboo. These natural materials give your baby their best sleep without causing them to be too cold or overheat. We choose fabrics because of their breathability, moisture-wicking properties, and lightweight, buttery soft texture that feels good on a baby’s skin. We use eco-efficient Sorona fill for our higher TOG products, which traps warm air to keep your little bub warm and cozy. Check out our materials page for more information about the fabrics we use.


What Age to Use a Sleep Suit

Sleep suits are a terrific choice for a baby who’s always on the move and has outgrown the swaddling stage. We swaddle babies as a soothing technique to help them feel as cozy as when they were in mom’s tummy—but we also swaddle to prevent their startle reflex from waking them up. Babies lose their startle reflex around four to six months old, which is a great time to introduce them to a sleep suit. If your baby moves around a bit during the night or they’re starting to stand, climb, and jump, a sleep suit is a wonderful choice as a blanket.


Benefits of a Sleep Suit

There are some great benefits to using a sleep suit, including:

  • Safety. Sleep suits keep your baby snug through the night without covering their face.
  • Wake and play. Toddlers can get out of bed on their own without having to take off a sleep sack.
  • Mobility. Sleep suits move with your child and ours have stretchy panels to maximize their movement.
  • Consistent temperature. Unlike regular blankets that can be kicked off, sleep suits stay with your little one through active nights, keeping their temperature consistent.


Choosing the Right TOG

You’ll notice that all of our sleep suits have a Thermal Overall Grade (TOG) rating. This number helps you choose which sleep suit you need as it indicates what kind of temperature the sleep suit is meant for. We have five TOG ratings. Lower TOGs, such as 0.25 TOG, 0.6 TOG, and 1.0 TOG, use lightweight fabric—these are intended for spring or summer. Heavier TOGs, such as 2.5 TOG or 3.5 TOG are thicker, and they’re used to keep your little bub warm during fall and winter. Read more about choosing the right tog here.

FAQs About Our Sleep Suits

How do I get the right fit for a sleep suit?

To provide ultimate comfort for your little one, the right fit is important. We have recommended sizes for each age group, but some babies are on their own growth schedule, so we’ve included height and weight limits for each size as well. Take a look at our sizing guide featured on each product page to make sure you order the perfect size for your little bub.


Why should I use a sleep suit instead of a sleep sack?

Sleep sacks are a marvellous option for babies up to 18 months. It’s like a wearable sleeping bag similar to what campers use. As you may know from personal experience, sleeping bags are not the safest for walking around—you trip, your steps are limited, your balance is compromised, the list goes on.

Peaceful sleepers and younger babies are great candidates for sleep bags. As a baby starts to figure out jumping, standing, or climbing, a sleep sack may become a hazard for active babies.


Can my baby sleep with a loose blanket instead?

For safety’s sake, wait to transition to a loose blanket until your baby is at least 12 months, but ideally 18 months or older. Swaddlessleep sacks, and sleep suits ensure that your baby sleeps comfortably while avoiding the issues of soft bedding and blankets, which can be hazardous.

A sleep suit keeps a baby or toddler at the perfect temperature all night (as long as the sleep suit is the appropriate TOG) so they don’t need extra bedding. When they’re old enough to switch to soft bedding, we have a beautiful selection of quilted blankets and sheets for your little one.


Can my baby use the same sleep suit all year long?

Think about your baby’s seasonal layers the way you think about your own; when it’s hot out, you want thin blankets that wick moisture away from your body and when it’s cold, you bundle up with thick PJs and extra blankets. We have winter sleep suits for cold nights that come in 2.5 TOG and summer suits that are rated 0.25 TOG. Shopping tip: get to know our TOG ratings. They’ll help you choose the seasonally appropriate sleep suit for your little bub.


Are long sleeves or short sleeves better?

A perfect night’s sleep is the result of how comfortable a baby is in their crib. Temperature is a key factor for bedtime relaxation. Choose a short sleeve sleep suit for warm summer nights and long sleeve sleep suits for cooler (or downright chilly) evenings.


Are sleep suits easy to clean?

Absolutely! Effortless cleaning is necessary with little ones; what’s easier than machine-washable items? All you need to do is wash the sleep suit in warm water with like colors, and tumble dry on low. Forget bleaching, ironing, or dry cleaning—our materials aren’t meant for it (and it’s one less thing for you to do, we know you’re busy!).