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Toddler Pillows & Pillow Cases

A Two-In-One Pillow that Grows with Your Little Bub

Once your baby becomes a toddler and moves into a big kid bed, they’re likely ready for their first pillow. Toddlers need a pillow that’s supportive, comfortable, and wrapped in a soft pillowcase—we’ve got you covered.

We know how fast children grow. We’ve created toddler pillows in different sizes, and with two different height options to fit your little one as they get bigger. For our small pillows, use one side when they’re between the ages of 1 to 3 and rotate the pillow 180 degrees once they’re 2 - 3 years old. We recommend transitioning to our Medium size toddler pillows once they've reached at least 3 years of age.

The Benefits of Better Sleep

Our toddler pillows give incredible support for your little one to sleep in a comfortable position. You’ve seen the effects of good quality sleep with your little one: they’re more alert, attentive, their cognitive performance and thought process is reasonable, and overall, their moods are much better. The right toddler pillow is a sleep tool and helps your little one start the day on a good note.

Poor quality sleep has different effects—your angelic child becomes a grumpy little one with no patience. This may sound familiar; as grownups, we react similarly when we don’t get enough sleep or sleep poorly. A good night’s rest is something we all need, and the best pillow helps us achieve it.

Nest Designs Toddler Pillows 

We understand that toddlers have different sleep needs than grownups, so our toddler pillow has a contoured shape to fit them properly. Soft enough for comfort and firm enough for safety, our toddler pillow provides maximum support for little one’s heads to rest.

Made with a 100% Sorona foam pillow in our unique shape, air flows easily and weight gets distributed evenly. When you purchase one of our pillows, it comes with a 100% GOTS Certified Organic cotton pillowcase for a clean, cozy sleep. Learn more about our carefully curated roster of fabrics here.

Pillowcase Washing and Care

Caring for your pillowcase is simple. When you open the package, wash the pillowcase before the first use in warm water with like colors, tumble dry on low. 

Don’t fret about ironing, using bleach, or adding the pillowcase to the dry clean pile—we make caring for and cleaning our products as easy as possible. 

The Right Size Pillow

Like a familiar story about three bears and their porridge, you want a pillow that’s not too big or too small—your toddler needs a pillow sized just right. We put safety at the heart of all our products; we create toddler pillows that cradle their head and neck correctly.

Toddlers shouldn’t sleep on pillows meant for adults. Full-size pillows can put them into a sleeping position that strains their neck or shoulders and creating a sleepy morning goblin. We help them get the sleep they need; our pillows are an ideal dimension for young ones, measuring 30cm by 45cm.

Features we incorporate into the Nest Designs toddler pillows address both safety and comfort. As cozy as a fluffy pillow can be, they’re not meant for little ones. Babies are used to sleeping on a flat, firm surface so a starter pillow should be flatter and give optimal support. 

Our pillows aren’t too thick, they’re only 2.5cm thick on one side and 3.5cm on the other. Use the lower height for ages 1 to 3 and the taller side to support children 3 to 6. 

Nest Designs Toddler Pillowcases

When you purchase a Nest Designs toddler pillow, it comes with a pillowcase in one of our hand-drawn prints. Our pillowcases are safe for little ones because they fit snugly against the pillow. It’s important to us for our pillowcases to fit just right as pillowcases that are too big create loose fabric around the pillow—a hazard for sleeping toddlers. 

A big perk about pillowcases, they’re low maintenance. Rather than try to clean the entire pillow, pillowcases are easy to remove and toss into the wash. Messes happen; it’s easier and faster for you to dry a pillowcase than an entire pillow. 

While children only need one pillow, extra pillowcases come in handy since they can be quickly swapped out with a messy pillowcase without fuss. Nest Designs bamboo pillowcases come in a variety of adorable prints that you and your child will love.

When should your baby start using a Pillow?

Babies don’t need pillows until they become toddlers. A good time to introduce a pillow is around the time they move from a crib to their toddler bed—which can be as early as one year old. Starter pillows should be fairly small and firm to offer support for a baby’s head.

FAQs about Toddler Pillows

When can children use pillows?

After your baby becomes a toddler, they may be ready for a pillow, usually between 12 to 24 months. When they do start using a pillow, select one meant for toddlers as they are denser and sized in a way that properly supports their head and neck. 

Are pillows safe for toddlers?

Nest Designs toddler pillows are made from dense Sorona foam. Firmer pillows like ours are safer for little ones, ensuring they don’t sink into the pillows and create breathing issues.

How often should I clean the pillowcase?

Pillowcases should be washed at least once a week, but more often if they become dirty. Our pillowcases are machine washable and dryer safe.