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Footed Sleepers & PJs

Toddler PJs for All Types of Sleepers

Healthy children spend almost half of their day sleeping. With all this time in dreamland, they need breathable, cozy PJs. Did you know PJs have higher regulations compared to daytime clothing? That’s why we offer comfortable fit and premium, thoughtful construction, ensuring our PJs are soft and safe for your little one.

Children are constantly moving, so ease of use is highly important – especially when it’s time to get dressed for bed. Our clothing makes getting ready for bedtime easier with shoulder snaps, two-way zippers, or two-piece PJs. All of our toddler PJ styles are designed with comfort at the forefront, so no matter if you have a back sleeper, side sleeper, or active sleeper, they’re comfy.

We Make Soft and Safe Toddler PJs

Nest Designs toddler PJs are the perfect option for safety without compromising on style. We use safety features such as:

  • Clean designs with an excellent fit
  • No extra or loose fabric (which can create a choking hazard)
  • Breathable fabrics
  • Printed tags on the fabric, preventing irritation to your little one’s neck

Footed Sleepers and Footless Sleepers

Keep little toes at the right temperature in a footed sleeper. We lose a lot of heat from our feet, so footed sleepers help keep children warm and toasty. Footed styles also help protect little feet, as it provides a cushion and barrier in case of falls or trips. One more plus for footed sleepers, they’re great for children who have a habit of removing and losing socks.

Once little ones start walking and running around more, footless sleepers are an excellent option. These styles allow children to use their bare feet as traction and not slip as much – an important feature if you have hard floors at home. Children who are more active might prefer the freedom that comes with footless PJs as it makes it easier to climb, walk, and explore.

Footless toddler PJs may also have a bit more of an extended lifespan. Every parent knows how quickly children grow and wear holes in the toes of footed sleepers. With footless toddler PJs, you can squeeze a bit more wear out of them.

Drop Bottom Romper

We love the cute style and practicality of our drop bottom rompers. They have an opening at the back allowing for easier access during potty training. The easy-to-remove bottom is a convenient construction for toddlers to gain more independence when it’s time to go.

Two-Piece PJ Sets

Two-piece PJs give you options that other styles don’t. Our two-piece sets can be mixed and matched with other PJ tops or bottoms. This is especially handy for accidents or adventurous children who get a little messy before bed. If part of the PJs become soiled, you can switch out the dirty item instead of changing your little bub’s whole outfit.

Fabrics We Use for Our Toddler PJs

We use bamboo jersey, bamboo cotton blend, and certified organic cotton in our toddler PJs. The fabrics used depend on which style of toddler PJs you’re looking at – our product descriptions will tell you exactly what the garment is made of.

We believe in using environmentally friendly and sustainable material in all our products. We select these materials as they are healthier for children. Our fabrics are perfect for sensitive skin, they’re durable for little adventurers, and comfortable and breathable for little sleepers.

Gender-Neutral Prints

Nest Designs clothing is great for all children. We make clothing with prints, tones, and colours that appeal to all genders. Our designs are made to be timeless and look good on all little ones. We hope you love the hand drawn prints featured on our clothing. By creating gender-neutral prints, our clothing can last longer and be passed down to little siblings, cousins, or friends.

How to Care for Our Toddler PJs

In order to get the most wear and use out of Nest Designs clothing, make sure to properly care for your new toddler PJs. Always wash these PJs before your child wears them for the first time. Make sure to wash them in warm water with like colors and tumble dry on low. Forgo bleaching, ironing, or dry cleaning – we keep things simple and easy, even our care instructions.

FAQs about our Toddler PJs

Are your toddler PJs true to size?

We know that children grow at different rates, so choosing a size purely on age is an approximation at best. To make sure you get the best fit, our online products have sizing dimensions listed in the description allowing you to pick the perfect size for your child, and all products sold in-store have sizing displayed on the package label.

What’s the difference between a romper and a sleep suit?

A sleep suit is a wearable blanket that comes in different TOG ratings. You can wear a romper or toddler PJs under a sleep suit.

How often should I wash toddler PJs?

Toddler PJs should be washed around every 3-4 uses for normal wear. Anytime you notice visible stains or accidents, they should be put through the wash immediately. Children tend to be a little messier than adults, so adjust your laundry schedule accordingly.