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What TOG do I need for Fall and Winter?

What TOG do I need for Fall and Winter?

There is a bit of crisp air in the air when you walk outside now - signifying that summer is slowly transitioning to the fall. When the air gets a bit colder, you’ll want to change your sleep bags or footed sleep bags (previously called sleep suits) to ones with a higher TOG. 

Thermal Overall Grade or TOG is an industry measurement for a product’s thermal insulation or how warm the product is. At Nest Designs, we’ve designed our sleep bags and footed sleep bags in a range of TOGs. The right TOG depends on some factors like “What is the temperature of your child’s room?”, What else are you dressing them in at naptime and bedtime?”, and “What is your child’s overall temperature?”. You can read more about TOG here

What is the right TOG for Fall or Winter?

· Mid-light weight
· Can be worn over diaper or layered over long sleeve onesies or PJs
· Room temperature: 20 - 24°C (68 - 75°F)
· Mid-heavy weight
· Can be layered over long sleeve onesies or PJs
· Room temperature: 16 - 20°C (61 - 68°F)
  · Heavy weight
· Can be layered over long sleeve PJs
· Room temperature: 13 - 16°C (55 - 61°F)


To keep your bubs warm and avoid them from overheating at night, our sleep bags and footed sleep bags in higher TOGs include 1.0 TOG, 2.5 TOG, and 3.5 TOG.

  • 1.0 TOG is ideal for year-round or warmer rooms between 20-24°C (68-75°F).
  • 2.5 TOG is a mid-heavy weight that is ideal for rooms between 16-20°C (61-68°F).
  • 3.5 TOG is a heavy weight that is ideal for cold rooms between 13-16°C (55-61°F).

In our Fall/Winter collection, we use fabrics like GOTS certified organic cotton, bamboo, bamboo blended wool, and Sorona®️, which keep your bubs cozy and warm, are gentle on your bubs' skin and are good for the environment. 

Why does Nest Designs use Sorona®️?

Nest Designs TOG

You’ll notice that we use Sorona®️ filling in our Fall and Winter collection. Sorona®️ is an eco-friendly, fully biodegradable filling we use to insulate our products like our sleep bags, footed sleep bags, blankets, duvets, and duvet covers. We use Sorona®️ because it helps to keep your bubs warm and toasty on cooler nights. It also gives our products a light, plushy softness. To keep your bubs’ temperature regulated, Sorona®️ is breathable and is great at absorbing moisture like sweat. 

Get to know Sorona more on Our Fabrics page.

The Right TOG for Your Bubs

Nest Designs TOG

By having the right wearable blanket with the right TOG for your bubs, you’re ensuring that they’re cozy and warm during the cooler days this Fall and Winter. Keep in mind that TOG is more than just a measurement and choosing the right one depends on a number of factors. If you need a hand choosing the right wearable blanket, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help

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