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Crib Sheets

The Comfort and Style of a Good Night’s Sleep

Babies and toddlers sleep A LOT, up to 14 hours a day if you can believe it. A baby’s crib needs soft and cozy sheets so your little one can sleep soundly during nap time or nighttime. 

At Nest Designs, we create functional and adorable products. Our fitted crib sheet designs are photo-ready, giving a charming backdrop to all the pictures you’ll take of your sleeping baby.

Crib Sheets from Nest Designs

Our crib sheets designs are unlike others on the market. Our creations are unique and drawn in-house at our Canadian office, giving them a timeless and elegant appearance. With over 20 prints to choose from, our fitted crib sheets are designed to match many bedroom decors. We pride ourselves on making beautiful and healthy products in colors and patterns appealing to modern mamas. 

The Best Material for Little Ones

For those little ones who are too small to use a pillow, we know that your baby’s skin, particularly the side of their face, spends a lot of time pressed against the crib sheet. We use our hypoallergenic, soft, and breathable signature bamboo blend, keeping babies cozy through the night. Additional perks of our bamboo blend are moisture-wicking and thermal regulation, ensuring hot air doesn’t get trapped in the fabric and cause little ones to overheat. 

We put a lot of thought and care into our designs and fabric selection. Visit our materials page to read about the fabrics we use to make all of our quality products.

Crib Sheet Safety

Baby bedding should be simple and create a safe place for your baby. Some bedding additions, such as bumpers and blankets actually create a hazard for infants. That’s why we focus on what’s truly needed for baby bedding—such as fitted crib sheets.

Baby sheets don’t have to be boring, but they do have to be safe. Our sheets fit standard crib mattresses snugly, with tough elastic on all corners to keep them secure, even with rambunctious little ones. This perfect fit removes the danger that comes from loose or bunched crib sheets.

Washing our Crib Sheets

We know what it’s like having tiny people at home. Nighttime leaks and accidents happen, so be prepared for a quick nighttime change with our signature bamboo blend fitted crib sheets. When these moments happen, make sure to have a spare set of clean sheets so you don’t need to do a load of laundry at three in the morning.

After you take the fitted crib sheets out of the package, wash them before putting them on the crib mattress. We keep it simple, just pop them into a warm wash cycle and tumble dry on low so you can get them on the crib in no time. 

FAQ About our Crib Sheets

Do you sell flat sheets?

Due to safety, we don’t manufacture flat sheets as you find with child and adult bedding. Babies should not use a flat sheet or pillow before they’re ready otherwise it creates some safety concerns.

Will this sheet fit my baby’s crib mattress?

Yes! Our crib sheets measure 28 inches by 53 inches, ensuring they fit standard crib mattresses. If you’re unsure whether they’ll fit your baby’s crib, take a quick measurement before placing your order.

How Many Fitted Crib Sheets Do I Need?

Three fitted crib sheets seem to be a good starting point for some parents. It gives you one sheet to keep on the crib, a backup for nighttime accidents, and a spare backup for those nights when multiple accidents happen.