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A Look Back at Nest Designs Through the Years

A Look Back at Nest Designs Through the Years

Nest Designs is turning 9! When we think about it businesses are like children – they grow so fast in a blink of an eye! To celebrate our birthday, our team took a trip down memory lane and invite you to join us. 

Nest Designs is turning 9! When we think about it businesses are like children – they grow so fast in a blink of an eye! One day, you look back at the early years and you’re astounded by how much things have changed.

To celebrate, we took a trip down memory lane. Today, we’re inviting you to join us and look at where Nest Designs started and where we are now.

A look back at Nest Designs through the years

2013: Nest Designs is Born

One day, our founder, Tammy, got the idea for Nest Designs while shopping for her newborn niece, Ayla. She couldn’t find any baby products that were neutral, trendy, and timeless. She wanted clothes with soft palettes and gender neutral. So, Tammy did what any entrepreneur would do in the same situation – design her own baby products and enter the market herself.

Back then, Nest Designs started with only two product - swaddles and bubs baby washcloths. Since then, we’ve launched hundreds of products and a vast collection of beautiful hand drawn prints.

Our 2013 print highlights include Raffe, Elle, Rocker, and Foxes.

A look back at Nest Designs through the years

2014: A Lot of Firsts for Our Little Start-up

Our little business was moving full steam ahead. That year, our small team travelled to New York for our first trade show. Navigating the city, the booth display, and all the planning that went with it was difficult, but also such an exciting time in our early days.

That year, we expanded our product line and added Nest Noir to our print collection.

Our 2014 print highlights were Feathers, a classic print that remains in use today.

A look back at Nest Designs through the years

2015: More Shows, More Products

We started adding more stamps to our passports. By now, we were seasoned in trade shows, and took Nest Designs products to shows in Paris and Las Vegas!

This year we released more products including Burp ‘n Bibs and leather diaper bags.

Our 2015 print highlights include Lattice and Arrows.

 A look back at Nest Designs through the year

2016: Our Signature Sleep Product Launches

Early in 2016, we launched our first sleep suits, becoming one of the first pioneers in this market. This innovative new concept of wearable blankets evolved from the practicality of a sleep bag and mobility of regular PJs. The first iteration was met with enthusiasm from customers, prompting us to perfect the design over time. In total, our designers have created 11 generations of sleep suits. Today, they’re still one of our bestselling items and a product we’re best known for. We also launched our first-generation sleep sacks and ultra-cozy hooded towels.

Our 2016 print highlights include Rhino and Leaves.

A look back at Nest Designs through the years


2017: Nest Designs’ First Office

By now, we knew we needed more room. Our company was growing and we had to expand into a proper office space. We spent the beginning of the year location scouting and signing the papers for our first ever office space. We spent the summer painting the walls and laying down the floors. Finally, we moved in.  

At the very same time, we worked on designing new prints and grew our product line again. This year, we added our pyjama sets, rompers, and quilted blankets.

Our 2017 print highlights include Zebra, Rhino and Sleep Sheep.

 A look back at Nest Designs through the years

2018: Finding the Right Materials

Our focus this year was finding new fabrics and materials that felt more luxurious and ultra-soft against the skin. We also wanted to find a more sustainable, eco-friendly fabric.

This year, we took Nest Designs back on the road and appeared at our first CBME trade show in Shanghai.

There was no slowing down for us this year! We introduced new products to the world including our swaddle sleep bags, rompers, change pads, and the always-popular dry baby wipes. 

Our 2018 print highlights include Puppy and Stars, which has become one of our top prints!

A look back at Nest Designs through the years

2019: Our Eric Carle Inspired Prints

This year, our prints were inspired by the beloved children’s author, Eric Carle, some of which are still available. There were a lot of fun and colourful characters added to our products from his stories including The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Mixed-Up Chameleon. 

A the end of the year, toddler pillows were introduced, which have since become a staple in our product lineup!

Our 2019 print highlights include Flying Pigs, Beach Crocodiles and Jungle Prints.

A look back at Nest Designs through the years

2020: A New Member Joins the Family

This was an exciting year for us. Not only did Nest Designs continue to grow but our Nest family got a bit bigger too. Tammy welcomed baby Finlay to the world; he is such a precious little one! 

Our 2020 print highlights include Puffins, Orcas, Mighty Mouse and Meadow.

A Look Back at Nest Designs Through the Years

A Look Back at Nest Designs Through the Years

2021: The Wild Ride Continues

With many businesses slowing down a year into the global pandemic, we were grateful to remain busy. Our team almost doubled in size to keep up with everything and showed no signs of slowing down!

This year, our prints celebrated the great outdoors in both our spring and fall collection, from Country Charm to Woodland Wonders.

Our 2021 print highlights include Spring Harvest, Ox-Standing, and more recently Lazy Rabbits & Mama Deerest.

A Look Back at Nest Designs Through the Years

A Look Back at Nest Designs Through the Years

2022: Onward and Upward

We’re a close-knit team but we still need a little wiggle room. Our team has been outgrowing our current office space and we decided that it’s time to size up. We’ve packed up our memories and moved to a bigger office space. This space is perfect for our growing team and our needs as a business.

Now that we’ve moved, we’re excited to share more new prints and products with you very soon!

When we look back at where we started, we’re so grateful for all the opportunities and experiences we’ve had along the way. Our customers and retailers continually inspire us to be creative and innovate our prints and products. We want to thank you for being part of our journey and helping make Nest Designs who we are today.

A Look Back at Nest Designs Through the Years

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