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Cozy Sleep at Any Age with the Nest Designs Sleep System

Cozy Sleep at Any Age with the Nest Designs Sleep System

When it comes to your little bubs, there is no one-size-fits-all approach for safe and comfy sleep. They have different sleep needs as a newborn than when they’re headed off to elementary school. 

For the right sleep option at any age, we’ve devised the Nest Designs sleep system – a thoughtfully designed program that takes into consideration the different sizes, capabilities, and safety needs for each age group. We’ll show you exactly the type of sleepwear your little ones need, no matter how old they are.

Whether you’re a first-time parent or you’ve welcomed another baby to your family, this sleep system is practical for nap time or bedtime. Ready to check it out?

Those Sleepless Newborn Nights

Nest Designs swaddle sleep bag

These little ones wake every couple of hours, often thanks to their involuntary startle reflex. You’ve seen it in action – while sleeping, their muscles tighten, their arms fling upward, they flinch, and cry, and suddenly…they’re wide-awake again. 

Our advice: Stop the startle from happening with a swaddle sleep bag. 

Nest Designs swaddle sleep bags

Our cozy swaddle sleep bag is the wearable blanket for tiny babies, and it can be customized to your child’s favourite sleep position. This versatile baby swaddle can be worn around the arms, around the stomach, or without the wings. 

Goodbye Newborn, Hello Wiggly Baby

Nest Designs Pantone sleep bag

Once they start moving, babies never want to stop. Between three and six months, they outgrow their startle reflex and no longer need a swaddle. Now it’s all about wiggling their limbs and exercising their newfound mobility. It’s super exciting to see how strong they're getting, but how many times does a parent need to get up to check on their little one and readjust their blanket through the night?

Our advice: Put your concerns to rest with a warm and cozy sleep bag. 


Think of our sleep bag as a sleeping bag with (or without) sleeves. Fasten your baby into it before sleep and no matter how much movement they do, this wearable blanket can’t be kicked off. Made in different styles with a variety of TOG ratings, there’s a sleep bag for your baby that suits virtually any temperature.

The On-the-Go Toddler

Nest Designs footed sleep bag

That little baby of yours has now mastered walking and climbing, and you’ll even catch them out of their crib when they should be asleep. It’s impressive, but can be dangerous if your toddler’s still wearing a sleep bag (hello, tripping hazard). Time to adapt with your little one’s abilities and upgrade their blanket. 

 Our advice: Transition to a sleep suit so your fully mobile toddler can move about safely.


Nest Designs footed sleep bags

Sleep suits are awesome. They maintain the wearable blanket idea, but instead of a sleeping bag bottom, there are leg holes for little feet that allow for free movement. Just like the other options in our sleep system, this is a blanket that can’t slip off at night, even with the most active sleeper. Available in long or short sleeves in different TOG ratings for different seasons, your toddler will have ultimate comfort with this cozy blanket.

Quick as a Blink, Your Baby’s a Big Kid

Nest Designs quilted blanket

It’s happened, your newborn has reached big kid status. They’ve established a nice sleep routine, and they’re completely capable of readjusting their own blankets through the night. As they outgrow 6T and move on to bigger sizes, they don’t need a sleep suit anymore.

Our advice: It’s time for blankets and PJs, just like the other big kids out there.


Every kid eventually grows out of the Nest Designs’ sleep system, but our cozy sleep options are still plentiful. Your kid can tell you which of our kids PJs they like best and which quilted blankets and sheets they want for their bed.

Great Sleep Sets and Good Nights for Every Little Bubs

Little ones sleep safely and soundly with our luxe sleep system. When children get better sleep, parents do too.

Have you tried the Nest Designs’ sleep system? What do you think?