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Bamboo Basics

Everyday Bamboo Basics

Just like our Organic Cotton Basics Collection, our Bamboo Basics collection is designed to fit your everyday lifestyle. Defined by clean lines, a comfortable fit, and buttery soft fabric that moves with you, our Bamboo Basics are the perfect clothing anytime. Use them as base layers or on their own for a simple, everyday outfit.

Made from Our Bamboo Cotton Blend

We love our bamboo cotton blend for its silky cashmere feel and cleanliness. This blend takes the best parts of cotton and combines it with the qualities of bamboo. Bamboo is naturally anti-microbial, hypoallergenic, and thermal regulating to balance body temperature. Our eco-friendly bamboo cotton blend is breathable, moisture-wicking, and produced ethically and sustainably. The blend includes 5% spandex, giving the fabric elasticity for better movement.

Our Bamboo Basics Colours

Our Bamboo Basics comes in four colours, Warm Taupe, Mist, Grey Dawn, and Charcoal (this colour is only found in our Women’s Basics line). Easily mix and match the colours in our Bamboo Basics collection together or with other staples from your wardrobe.

There’s so Much to Love About our Bamboo Basics Collection

From the colour palate to the easy fit, our Bamboo Basics are a crowd-pleaser. With the overlap in fabric and colours for moms and kids, family matching is easy. Our Bamboo Basics offer complete outfits for women including short and long-sleeve shirts, pants, shorts, shirts, tank tops, a slip-on dress, and underwear. For little bubs, we offer onesies, short and long sleeve shirts, rompers, leggings, and underwear. When we say everyday comfort, we mean it. 

Features in our new Womenswear Basics

Our loungewear for women is made with comfort in mind. Features of our Womenswear Basics collection include:

  • Comfortable fit. Casual style should feel as good as it looks. Our Basics use a relaxed fit for easy movement that’s not restrictive. Neither too tight nor too loose, our Bamboo Basics fit just right.
  • Variety of sizes. Clothing shouldn’t be one size fits all. We offer all of our Womenswear Basics in sizes extra small, small, medium, and large.
  • Pockets. What’s more useful than a decent-sized pocket? We add pockets to many of our shorts, pants, and robes that fit your phone, keys, nighttime snacks, and whatever else you want to carry around.
  • Waist Ties. For those who spend time around kids, you know that an elastic waistband may not be enough when little ones pull your pant leg for attention. Keep your bottoms secured by tying them closed with a waist tie.

FAQs about our Bamboo Basics Collection

Are there any special washing instructions for the bamboo fabric?

We like to keep laundry as simple as possible. Our Bamboo Basics have the same washing instructions as our other Nest Designs products. Wash it in warm water with like colours before you wear it the first time. Throw it into the dryer and tumble on low. No bleaching, ironing, or dry cleaning is required. For our Ribbed Basics collection, size up to account for minor shrinkage if you plan to machine dry.

How do I know which size to get?

For each of our online product descriptions, we include a sizing chart so you can select the right size every time. If you’re shopping in person, all of our product packaging includes sizing recommendations. 

Can the Womenswear Basics be used as PJs?

They sure can! This loungewear line for women is versatile and can be used as PJs, or everyday clothes around the house or on the go. FYI, we also make Women’s PJs if you’re interested in sleepwear.

Do you make Women’s Basics in other fabrics?

Our Women’s Basics are only made of our bamboo cotton blend. We wanted our premiere womenswear line to be made of a fabric that was comfortable for around the house and out and about. We love the bamboo cotton blend because of the extra movement it gets from a small touch of spandex in the fabric.