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Holiday Gift Guide: Top 11 Presents for Babies (and Parents)

Holiday Gift Guide: Top 11 Presents for Babies (and Parents)

Ready to start your holiday shopping? If you have babies, kids, or parents on your list, check out our holiday gift guide. From practical to memorable, we've compiled a list of 11 excellent gifts to get your loved ones this holiday season.

The giving season is here! Have you thought about what kinds of gifts to get your loved ones this year?

Giving a present somebody loves is an incredible feeling…but shopping can feel overwhelming if you’re not sure what to buy. If you’ve resolved to stress less about holiday presents this year, we can help you pick out the right gifts for little bubs and their parents. 

Here are our top 11 gifts for the babies, kids, and parents on your list.

Family in holiday themed clothing

1. Annual Family Pass for a Local Attraction

Families love doing things together and a wonderful holiday gift is an experience. Give them a reason to get out of the house together and see or do something fun. 

What are the kinds of attractions in town that they love, but don’t visit as often as they would like? Depending on where the family is located, you can get them annual passes to an aquarium, science centre, garden, fun park, zoo, and more. 

2. Family PJs 

Is it really the holidays if there aren’t any matching PJs in a household? Especially when there’s a new baby, matching family PJs are a special way to mark the occasion of a little bubs’ first holiday season. Between the cute photos you’ll take together and the many nights of coziness, this is a gift that’s both adorable and practical. 

Check out Nest Designs’ Holiday Capsule's family PJs in our Twinkle Trees and Eric Carle Candy Cane Lane prints. 

Family wearing holiday themed pajamas

3. Babysitting Services/Date Night for Parents

Instead of giving toys or other tangible items as a holiday gift, offer a family a night or weekend of babysitting services. You can take the kids for hours at the park, playing games, and making memories, while at the same time, the parents get to have some child-free time for date night (bonus points if your gift includes planning a date night for them too). The kids will have a blast and the parents will get some much-needed time off. 

4. Quality Sheets

Though this one may not seem overly fun, premium sheets are one way to offer sweet dreams. Whether it’s eco-friendly crib sheets that offer a baby clean and cozy sleep, or soft and luxurious adult bedding, parents will appreciate the quality and comfort that comes from this gift. 

Nest Designs adult bedding and baby crib sheets

5. Swimming Lessons

The holiday season isn’t usually a time you think about swimming but it’s an excellent activity to keep a water baby happy through the cold season. Additionally, swimming lessons are a life skill and definitely come in handy when summer rolls around again. Make this gift even better by giving the little bubs a cute swimsuit to wear to their lessons with mom or dad. 

6. Adventure Challenge Book

For the family on your list who can never decide what to do, give them the gift of inspiration. The Adventure Challenge book is full of secret challenges that create bonding experiences for your family. Scratch off one of the challenges, follow the instructions, and make many memories together (don’t forget to take pictures!). 

7. Baby’s First Cashmere

In the winter months, a warm baby is a happy baby and the joy from happy babies is contagious. Keep little ones warm and toasty with our super soft Cashmere Basics. Adorable designs made with GOTS certified organic cashmere — it doesn’t get much better than this! 

Nest Designs cashmere pieces

8. Membership to a Favourite Activity

Ask any parent, and they’ll tell you how expensive it can be to send their kids to activities. Find out which activities the kids want to try and get them a punch pass or monthly membership. Some options to consider are indoor climbing, bowling, skating, trampoline gyms, movie passes, and more. 

9. Cute Romper

Babies and toddlers are notorious for going through many outfits each day. From playing, spilling, and general mess-making, little ones can always benefit from another outfit. A romper looks darling on any baby, and it’s a handy gift for parents to keep in the diaper bag for the inevitable next outfit change.

Nest Designs romper

10. An Eco-Friendly Starter Kit

Giving greener gifts is one way we can make a better future for our little bubs. For the families on your list who want to be more environmentally friendly, give them some of the tools they need to get started. Put together a gift basket full of items they will use. 

For example, sustainable snack containers or silicone bags for toddler treats, bamboo cutlery, beeswax food wraps, and reusable straws. Or visit a refill store, such as The Soap Dispensary, and put together a basket of zero waste essentials. 

11. Sleeved Bibs 

Babies can be really messy eaters, and let’s face it, no parents want to spend time working stains out of adorable outfits. A Nest Designs sleeved bib is one of those gifts that keep on giving. Featuring cute, hand-drawn prints and protective sleeves that cover more of a child’s clothing, parents will appreciate you every time their little ones use these bibs.  

Nest Designs poly long sleeve bib cover

When in Doubt, Ask the Parents

Many parents would love any of the gifts on this list for their little ones but it’s always nice to ask questions before making a purchase. Ask families what they need or want for their little ones this holiday, so you can get them something they will love and use.

What is the best gift you’ve received for your little bubs? Tell us in the comments.

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