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Join Us for International Women's Day 2023

Join Us for International Women's Day 2023

On March 8th, join Nest Designs as we celebrate International Women's Day. This month, we are partnering with One Girl Can, a non-profit organization that gives the world's most vulnerable girls education, training, and mentorship from the time they leave primary school until they find a career that makes a meaningful living.

As a female-founded company, Nest Designs is excited to celebrate International Women’s Day. Every year on March 8th, people from around the world join this movement to celebrate women and their social, economic, cultural, and political achievements. International Women’s Day is a day to bring awareness to gender equality and strive harder towards a more inclusive world. 

International Women’s Day 2023 

This year, the campaign theme for International Women’s Day is to #EmbraceEquity. The campaign highlights the differences between equality and equity. While equality aims to be inclusive, it assumes everyone has the same opportunities and resources. The word equity recognizes these differences and tries to ensure women have the same amount of resources, opportunities, and outcomes. By aiming for equity and not equality, International Women’s Day wants us to forge a more inclusive world. 

Women supporting each other

Empowering Womxn at Nest Designs

At Nest Designs, we are proud to foster an environment to empower women where they can grow their careers and thrive in them. We prioritize creating an inclusive environment. For example, we strive to give moms and caregivers a work-life balance for them to feel supported while wearing the many hats when it comes to being a working mom. 

Our Charity Partnership: One Girl Can 

To support and embrace equity, Nest Designs has partnered with One Girl Can, a non-profit organization based in Canada and Kenya that supports a girl’s life-changing journey, from the time she leaves primary school until she enters the workforce. While the organization has an office in Canada, all of their work takes place in Kenya. One Girl Can give the world’s most vulnerable girls a chance to rise above poverty and gender inequality. The organization is built on three pillars: education, training, and mentorship which empowers girls.  

Nest Designs is proud to support One Girl Can’s Cycle of Empowerment which provides girls the tools they need to create a meaningful life and a successful career. With access to safe schools, scholarships to complete a high school and university education, training and internship opportunities, and mentorship to harness their potential, girls can overcome gender inequality barriers and achieve their goals.  Then, they give back to help other girls do the same.

Support One Girl Can with Nest Designs

Are you ready to make an impact and #EmbraceEquity? This March, in honour of International Women’s Day, we will be donating 10% of all womens PJs and loungewear sales to One Girl Can. 

You can also support One Girl Can further with a one-time donation, monthly gift, or annual gift. Your donation can make a huge difference in one girl’s life. For example, a monthly gift of $10, the price of less than 2 coffees, can help support one-on-one mentoring for a university student for 4 months. 

One Girl Can Infographic

One Person Can Make a Difference

Nest Designs hopes that by joining the International Women’s Day movement and supporting One Girl Can, we’re forging change beyond our company and making a difference globally. We recognize that change needs to happen as a collective. That’s why we’re asking you to join us on March 8th and beyond. Together, we can forge change. You can do this by either purchasing with us, donating to One Girl Can, spreading the #EmbraceEquity message thru your social media, or simply learning more about gender inequity. What will you choose this March?

Banner artwork by Zafik Mo

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