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Drop 1: Nest Designs FW23 Safari Party Collection

Drop 1: Nest Designs FW23 Safari Party Collection

Get ready because our FW23 collection has landed! Put on your wide-brimmed hat and prepare for adventure with the latest Nest Designs collection, Safari Party

About our FW23 Collection

Come along for an imaginative journey as we explore the wilds of Africa through our adorable hand-drawn prints. Nest Designs brings the free-roaming wildlife from their natural habitat and playfully puts them into party mode. This collection features animals, like cheetahs, gazelles, and meerkats, and pops of bright colours mixed with a bit of whimsy to create memorable and timeless prints you’ll love.

Nest Designs FW23

Introducing Our FW23 Prints

In the first drop of the Nest Designs’ FW23 collection, Safari Party, you’ll discover seven new prints featuring animals from the African Savannah.

Giraffe Shapes

Known for their long necks and distinguishable brown and yellow pattern, the giraffe is an animal unlike any other. In this print, giraffes balance on and pop out of blue, purple, and rose-coloured shapes, showing how much they love to play.

Nest Designs Giraffe Shapes

Meerkats Away!

These adorable creatures always look like they’re smiling, so they seem to know how to have fun. Meerkats love to climb and get a good view of their surroundings. In this print, they take to the African skies via balloons and parachutes in blue, purple, and pink hues.

Nest Designs Meerkats Away!

Let’s Roll

Ostriches are one of the fastest animals on the planet, and this print gives them roller skates to become even faster. Though they don’t fly, these birds can move like the wind in their brightly-coloured skates. Enjoy the follies of these birds as they try to navigate life on wheels.

Nest Designs Let's Roll!

Rhino Hippo 

Water-loving rhinos and hippos tend to spend their days lazing in natural pools. In this neutral print, these herbivores enjoy lounging and roaming about their habitat, eliciting calm serenity in everyday moments.

Nest Designs Rhino Hippo

Hoodie Horsey

The stripes on every zebra are different. This print celebrates the unique characteristics of each zebra by giving them a colourful hoodie that sets them apart from the others. These social animals love to get together and unwind in their favourite sweatshirts after a day in the grasslands.

Nest Designs Hoodie Horsey

Cheetah Party

Known for their graceful movements and quick speed, cheetahs are usually the first to show up for a party. This print imagines the spotted cheetah in a celebratory mood—you can see the big cat wandering around with charming pink and green balloons waiting for other guests to arrive.

Nest Designs Cheetah Party

Gazelle Sky 

Graceful and elegant are two words to describe these beautiful horned animals. This subtle print illustrates gazelles’ swift bounding movements. They jump so high it’s easy to imagine them taking flight into the clouds above the African terrain.

Nest Designs Gazelle Sky

Cozy Materials for Cooler Weather

Nest Designs creates sustainable products from high-quality materials. As the weather shifts toward cooler temperatures, you’ll gravitate to our oh-so-soft fabrics, including bamboo and organic cotton. Our fall and winter designs include footed sleepers, PJs, sleep bags, sleep suits, and more. Use the TOG rating for each product to get the warmth you need to stay comfortable on colder days.

We’re excited to introduce you to our latest collection, and we look forward to releasing more products and prints for you this season.

Ready to explore these new prints now? Shop the Safari Party collection today.

Nest Designs FW23