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Nest Designs’ Ultimate Baby Blanket Buying Guide

Nest Designs’ Ultimate Baby Blanket Buying Guide

Whether you are doing your research to purchase your very first baby blanket as a gift or for your little one, you’re going to want to take a read through this ultimate baby blanket guide. To understand the many options there are, it’s important to note that not all baby blankets are the same. There are some blankets for newborns, and there are transitioning blankets for different seasons. Some of you may be wondering, where do I even start? There are crib quilts, hooded baby blankets, baby quilts... What is each for? Will you need to buy them all? For our friends that are unfamiliar with the different kinds of baby blankets and baby quilts – this can be confusing! With considerations for the weather, how old your baby is, and what the blanket is being used for, you can choose between different materials, sizes, and weights of baby blankets. We also have a large selection of prints, colours, and patterns to choose from. We hope that this guide will give you a little insight as to finding the perfect baby blanket for your precious little one.


How do you pick the right blanket size and weight?

As previously mentioned, the type of blanket you choose really depends on the age of the child, as well as the season in which you are purchasing the baby quilts. During colder months, it’s crucial to find the right baby blankets for winter, while a lightly quilted baby blanket can be an excellent choice for your little one’s first baby security blanket.


Blankets for Newborns

Swaddle Blanket

Let us start with a newborn, and if you’ve heard anything about swaddling, you’re going to want to invest into one of our best-selling Swaddle blankets. You will feel the noticeable difference with a Nest Designs luxuriously soft bamboo swaddle baby blanket. Constructed out of two layers of our signature bamboo blend materials, the Swaddle baby blanket is gentle and delicate against your newborn’s skin. You can be assured that your baby will be swaddled in the most light-weight and breathable quilted baby blanket there is. Besides the swaddle blanket, a newborn can benefit hugely from one of our billowy soft animal hooded blankets made with our unique blend of organic cotton. The hooded baby blanket is perfect for bundling up newborns and infants during colder months. There are four designs to choose from: Peacock, Piggy, Racoon, and Fox. It’s a must-have kid’s hooded blanket, made with your child’s ultimate comfort in mind. And, when your little one outgrows their hooded baby blanket, the hood can be removed to turn the animal hooded blanket into a baby security blanket to sleep with.


Blankets for Infants & Older Babies

Toddle Blanket

During the next stage of your child’s growth, we recommend the 4-Layer Bamboo Baby Nesting Blanket. It’s an essential item that can be used during tummy time, rides in the car seat, and in the stroller. Our 4-Layer quilted baby blanket comes in five charming prints: Fish White, Feather White, Water Lily, and Stars White, along with our new Tiger Dream print from our Jungle Collection. They feature four layers of our buttery soft bamboo cotton blend but is lightweight and breathable enough to be used anywhere within your home. You can use it outside during playtime or inside as a crib quilt – it can definitely become your child’s favourite baby security blanket. As a plus, it also comes with an extra bub baby cloth!

Crib Blankets

You may be wondering when your baby is ready to transition to a blanket in her crib. It’s a question that many new parents wonder about to make the best decision for their growing child. According to the AAP, the American Academy of Pediatrics, you should wait until your little one is at least 12 months old before moving onto a crib quilt. Baby blankets can increase the risk of SIDS or suffocation, as such, it is vital to take the precautions until your child is ready for a baby blanket in their own crib. 

Depending on the size of the bed, our Quilted Bamboo Cozy Blanket is a lightweight option (60g) that comes in three different sizes. Our small quilted baby blanket is the first baby blanket you can use within your child’s crib. The medium size is best recommended for your growing toddler, and our biggest sized quilted baby blankets are best used for a toddler that is transitioning to a twin bed. These baby blankets are versatile and easy to wash with our signature buttery soft bamboo blend. It can be used in place of a comforter or a duvet during the spring and fall months. It’s the perfect addition to your toddler’s room with three adorable prints to choose from: Crocodile Party, Leaves Green, and Fish White.

Winter Baby Blankets

Lastly, if you’ve been wondering what the best options for baby blankets for winter, our Quilted Bamboo Winter Blanket is your best bet. If there’s a crib quilt that is best for those cold and chilly nights, these heavy (200g) quilted baby blankets will ensure that your little one stays warm and cozy with the baby quilt’s extra warmth level protection. Choose from two of our favourite prints: the Turtle or the Narwhal. You can also select between our three sizes from size small for the best crib quilt, medium for a toddler’s bed, or large for toddlers transitioning into a twin bed. This baby blanket for winter can easily replace your child’s regular comforter or duvet for the perfect nighttime snuggles.

Compare our Baby Blankets

Blanket Size Chart


With this knowledge about the different baby blankets and quilted baby blankets within your arsenal, we hope that you will be able to make the best choice for your children. If you’re wondering what safe alternatives there are if your little one is not yet ready for their own baby blanket, check out our wide selection of sleepsuits and sleep bags. If you have any further questions about how to choose the perfect baby blanket, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you!


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