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Top 5 essentials when travelling with kids this summer!

Top 5 essentials when travelling with kids this summer!


So, you’ve been thinking about taking the kids with you on an epic journey filled with fun memories, cool experiences, and an overall great time to spend your summer. You’re super excited about the trip. However, the thought of packing is stressing your overall vacation vibes. The packing alone could take a least a day or two to plan out, and when it comes to travelling with kids, most parents tend to overpack and stress over the must-have items for their little ones. What’s a parent to do? Fear not, road warriors! Here’s Nest Design’s top 5 list of items to pack for your summer travel needs when you travel with kids. With this list, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve covered the must-haves.


1. Baby Wipes

Until you’re a parent, you underestimate the power of a good baby wipe. They are life-savers in tough and messy situations, and best of all, they can be tucked away conspicuously in your diaper bag or purse. I carry at least a full pack of these fantastic 100% cotton Organic Cotton Dry Baby Wipes in my car at all times. Unlike most wet wipes, I won’t have to worry about the package drying out. Made with unbleached organic cotton, Nest Design’s Cotton Dry baby wipes can be used wet or dry, and best of all, they’re 100% biodegradable.  

2. Lightweight Sleep Sack or Sleep Suit

Baby Sleeveless Sleep Suit

Whether you are roughing it out in the woods or staying at a hotel, your little one will have a better sleep in a strange environment wearing a sleep sack or sleep suit that makes them feel right at home. Made with a soft bamboo blend, our sleep sacks and sleeps suits by Nest Designs are the perfect items to pack on your trip to ensure that your child feels comfortable and safe during their rest.


3. Bamboo Jersey PJs

Woman's Bamboo Jersey Robe

Travelling with little ones could be stressful, but hopefully, you can get some well-earned rest after they go to bed in your soft and breathable two-piece bamboo jersey PJs made with our signature blend of bamboo materials. Break out a bottle of wine and relax while you’re on this summer vacation. You’ll feel like you are right at home in your favourite sleepwear.


4. Change pads

Lastly, always make sure you pack a changing pad wherever you go. While you’re travelling, you’ll find that not every washroom is super clean, or has a changing table for babies. You may need to change your little one on a whim, whether that’s in the trunk of your car, or on a park bench. Our Waterproof Baby Changing Pads will become a stable in your diaper bag. They are double sided and made with soft cotton that is so nice against your baby’s skin. The changing pad can also be used as an extra layer to protect your car seat or travelling crib from accidents that are bound to happen.


5. Diaper Bag

Diaper bags are a must for all of your essentials while you’re travelling with your little ones. It’s crucial that you find yourself the right diaper bag that can carry all of the essential items without straining your shoulders while you’re carrying your bag. For your travelling needs, we recommend the Ayla Leather Diaper bag, in brown or black. It’s stylish and big enough to carry all of your travelling needs with its roomy slots. Made with an easy wipe and water-resistant lining, and a sturdy canvas/leather exterior, the tote is made with travelling in mind. The bag also comes with shoulder straps, a cross-body strap, and stroller clips, so that you have multiple options to carrying your diaper bag in comfort. There you have it! We hope that this essentials list will help you with your packing. Moreover, don’t worry, as long as you have the basics packed, you are bound to be less stressed out while travelling with your kids. Enjoy your summer travels, and create those memories with your little ones!