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Organic Basics

Essential Baby and Kids Clothing That Feels Amazing

We use soft and cuddly Organic Cotton for these Basics. Our Organic Cotton Basics are great for playtime, but they’re cozy enough for nap time too. We make these beautiful Basics for babies in kids in styles ranging from onesies, short and long sleeve shirts, pants, and even underwear. The sizes available vary between products; click on the product to see which sizes we offer for a particular style.

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Fabric

A healthy environment is important to us and Nest Designs. Our GOTS certification ensures garments are environmentally friendly from field to finished product and meet ethical standards of production. All of our Organic Basics Collection pieces are certified by Global Organic Textile Standard. We love our GOTS Certified Organic Cotton fabric for its breathability, cloud-like softness, and clean feel. Read more on the carefully chosen fabrics we use at Nest Designs here.

Ribbed Organic Cotton Fabric

Our ribbed Organic Cotton Basics are also made of skin-friendly 100% GOTS certified Organic Cotton. The subtle weave of our ribbed fabric offers added flexibility for lots of movement, making it perfect for little explorers. A ribbed weave enhances the airflow of this already breathable cotton, preventing overheating during playtime.

Organic Cotton Basics Colours

We love the practicality of our Basics collections. The fabrics we choose are easy to match with other clothes. Find our Organic Basics in striped grey, solid dark grey, or white—they pair with virtually all of the other clothes in your little one’s closet!

Buy Some of Our Basics in Bulk

Organic Cotton Basics are meant to be well-loved wardrobe staples. Their simplicity makes them an excellent go-to option when you or your wee one gets dressed. Comfortable and breathable products like these often get the lion’s share of wear from your wardrobe. Rather than have to do laundry to dress your baby in our Organic Basics, we offer multi-packs of some of our items. Pick up pants, shirts, onesies, underwear in multi-packs.

FAQs about our Organic Cotton Basics Collection

Does this fabric shrink in the wash?

For machine washing and drying of the ribbed cotton, we recommend going up one size to account for any shrinking that may occur.

What’s the difference between a standard onesie and a kimono onesie?

Typical onesies fasten with snaps or a zipper up the middle of the chest. Kimono onesies (and shirts) fasten up one side of the garment instead. 

Can you wear these clothes year-round?

Absolutely, since cotton breathes so well, it’s comfortable to wear all the time, even in the heat. Our long-sleeve products are perfect for spring and fall and playing inside during the winter. However, since these are made for babies, toddlers & kids, little ones likely only get a few seasons of wear out of these pieces before they’ve outgrown them (in which case, hold on to them for another baby in the family!).