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FW23 Pantone Collection Launch

FW23 Pantone Collection Launch

Our highly anticipated Pantone collection just dropped! These products feature five new Nest Designs colours in several of our beloved designs; they're just right for bundling up your little bub for cool days and nights.

Introducing our FW23 Pantone Hues

In this Pantone launch you will experience timeless colours in comforting shades.

Faded Rose

This gentle, soothing shade of pink offers a sweet aesthetic for your little one. Faded Rose uses a soft, muted tone to evoke a sense of serenity and tenderness—making it a perfect choice for baby wear (and it accentuates adorable pink cheeks and tiny noses!).

Nest Designs Pantone Faded Rose


Tapestry adds a sense of coziness to an outfit with its warm and inviting hue. Its rich and earthy tones work for any baby, and the understated colour encourages relaxation for your little one.

Nest Designs Pantone Tapestry


The natural hue of Bark ties to the earth, encouraging your little love to stay grounded and stimulate a connection to nature. This colour pairs with most other hues—making it an excellent neutral for layering and matching other wardrobe pieces.

Nest Designs Pantone Bark

Ice Flow

Reminiscent of icebergs floating in the ocean, the cool, light blue colour of Ice Flow is one of serenity and tranquility. It's a refreshing and peaceful hue that brings a bit of uplifting colour to the colder seasons.

Nest Designs Pantone Ice Flow

Apricot Orange

At the height of fall, you may glimpse tree branches transitioning to Apricot Orange. A playful hue in the Pantone collection, this autumnal colour offers joy and coziness to every baby wrapped in it.

Nest Designs Pantone Apricot Orange

Ever-So-Soft Materials

Our premium and ever-so-gentle fabrics keep your little love wrapped in softness when the temperature dips. Our Pantone collection features our breathable and hypoallergenic bamboo jersey blend, cozy and antibacterial tanboocel, and eco-friendly Sorona filling for added warmth and plush softness.

By using high-quality materials sourced sustainably, we give your little bub a healthy, safe fabric that's better for the planet, too. (Learn more about our eco-friendly fabrics.)

Nest Designs Pantone Tapestry fabric

Snuggly Nest Designs Pantone Products

Fall and Winter are seasons meant for hygge. This Danish and Norwegian concept encapsulates the feeling of being cozy, content, and comfortable. Our FW23 Pantone products are excellent for creating this type of atmosphere for your little one, whether during restful sleep or active play.

The cuddly outfits and products we lovingly made for this collection include:

  • A swaddle sleep bag
  • Long sleeve sleep bags
  • Footed and footless sleepers
  • Mock neck long sleeve shirts
  • Comfy pants
  • A quilted winter blanket
Nest Designs swaddle sleep bag
Nest Designs sleep suit
Nest Designs two piece pajamas
Nest Designs quilted blanket
Swaddle sleep bag Long sleeve sleep bag Mock neck shirts Quilted blanket

For babies needing extra warmth through the cold season, we're releasing a long sleeve footed sleep bag with a 4.0 TOG—our highest TOG yet! (What is a TOG Rating?)

Keep Your Little Love Comfy Cozy

Wrap your little one in the warm and loving embrace of our FW23 Pantone collection. We make these products with memorable colours, timeless designs, and eco-friendly premium materials with TOG ratings suited to cold weather to keep littles snug as a bug.

We hope you love our new collection as much as we do. Explore the FW23 Pantone collection today.