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How to Buy Maternity Clothes

How to Buy Maternity Clothes

Expecting mamas deserve flattering garments that make them feel comfortable and stylish during pregnancy. The maternity clothes you purchase go a long way in helping you feel like yourself as your body changes through the trimesters.

Finding the right maternity pieces for everyday, workwear, and sleepwear may feel cumbersome, but investing in your maternity wardrobe can be a great way to celebrate yourself through pregnancy. Knowing what you need, the best materials for maternity clothing, and how to choose the right size can help you feel confident as you nourish your growing baby.

Use this guide to help you find the perfect pieces for this special time in your life.

Do You Really Need Maternity Clothes?

The first question many moms-to-be ask is whether pregnancy clothes are a necessity. You don't necessarily need maternity clothes, but they certainly help you feel more comfortable—especially near the end of your pregnancy

While some may manage with their regular attire during early pregnancy, maternity wear becomes increasingly essential for comfort and support as your bump grows and your body transforms.

Maternity clothes are designed to accommodate the changing shape and needs of a pregnant woman's body. They incorporate features such as stretchy waistbands, adjustable straps, and extra room in the bust and bump areas to accommodate your growing baby. Additionally, maternity garments often use fabrics with stretch and recovery properties to fit and feel great, even as the size of the abdomen changes. 

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When Do You Start Wearing Maternity Clothes?

There is no hard and fast rule about when you should switch to pregnancy clothes. Just as no two babies are alike, no two mamas are alike either. Bodies change at different rates, and your bump may pop sooner or later than other pregnant ladies you know. The short answer to this question is: wear maternity clothes when it feels right.

You may slowly swap out pieces of your regular wardrobe for maternity staples as physical changes make some pieces more restricting, or you may do an entire wardrobe overhaul in one fell swoop.

Read our article, When Should You Start Wearing Maternity Clothing, to learn more about this topic.

What Size Maternity Clothes Should You Buy?

Selecting the right size maternity clothing is crucial for a comfortable fit throughout your pregnancy. A general rule of thumb is to shop for maternity clothing in your pre-pregnancy size. Companies that make clothes for pregnant women tend to use the same sizing model but account for an evolving shape throughout pregnancy.

This sizing advice is slightly imperfect, but it gives you an approximate idea when shopping for maternity wear. Depending on the manufacturer and how you’re carrying your pregnancy, you may need to size up or down to find the perfect fit.

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Do You Buy Your Normal Size in Maternity Clothes?

In most cases, purchasing your usual size should suffice. However, just like when you're shopping for regular clothes, different styles and brands may fit differently.

If you usually wear a size 10, you could be an 8 or 12 in maternity clothes. When shopping online, consult the brand's sizing guide for added reassurance, and always try clothes on before removing the tags so you can exchange them if need be.

Can You Wear Regular Clothes While Pregnant?

Absolutely! Many women can continue wearing select pieces from their existing wardrobe during pregnancy. Loose-fitting styles or pieces made from stretchy fabrics can help accommodate a growing baby bump.

There are a few tricks some moms use to extend the use of their regular clothing, including:

  • Layering: Use cardigans and open-front jackets for extra room.
  • Belly bands: Cover unbuttoned or unzipped pants.
  • Elastic bands: Thread a hair tie or elastic band through the buttonhole of your pants to make a pants extender.
  • DIY alterations: Add elastic inserts or sew extra fabric panels into existing pants.

However, some of these tricks are only short-term solutions. Quality maternity wear can help you feel put together and comfortable—which is especially important if you’re working through your pregnancy.

And if you’re already thinking ahead to how to dress after pregnancy, read this Personal Stylist’s 3 Tips for Postpartum Style

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How Much Maternity Clothing Should You Buy?

The number of maternity pieces you need is subjective and depends on your lifestyle and preferences. In general, 5–7 tops, 3–4 bottoms, 2–3 dresses, 2–3 maternity bras, and multiple pairs of underwear are sufficient (as long as somebody stays on top of the laundry!).

Some women love maternity clothing, and it’s important for them to have a complete maternity wardrobe. Other mamas only need a minimal wardrobe of versatile pieces. Moms-to-be who work in professional settings need a maternity wardrobe for the office and for leisure. And don’t forget about seasonal purchases too, such as maternity coats or bathing suits.

5 Tips for Buying the Right Maternity Clothes for You

  1. Invest in quality maternity basics: Build your wardrobe with essentials such as stretchy leggings, comfortable maternity dresses, and versatile tops.
  2. Consider your lifestyle: Select clothing that suits your everyday activities, whether it's professional attire, casual wear, or cozy loungewear.
  3. Prioritize quality fabrics: Garments from breathable, eco-friendly materials like organic cotton or bamboo offer exceptional comfort and sustainability.
  4. Try before you buy: Try on maternity clothes before making a purchase (or leave the tags on online purchases for easy returns) to ensure the perfect fit and functionality.
  5. Choose pieces for the future: Versatile maternity clothing with evergreen styles can become garments you wear postpartum or be used again in future pregnancies.

Can You Wear Maternity Clothes Postpartum?

Many maternity garments are designed for postpartum wear, featuring adjustable features or nursing-friendly designs for continued comfort and style beyond pregnancy. The Nest Bump collection features styles that transition seamlessly from maternity wear to postpartum wear. 

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Where Should You Buy Maternity Clothes?

For discerning moms seeking eco-conscious, stylish, and enduring maternity wear, Nest Designs offers a thoughtfully curated collection. Whether we’re making clothing for babies, toddlers and kids, or adults, our pieces always use high-quality fabrics as a foundation—and our maternity clothing is no different.

Our Nest Bump collection makes an excellent capsule wardrobe full of maternity basics. You can dress these cozy pieces up or down. We use evergreen silhouettes that are wonderful layering pieces, such as:

  • Dresses that can be styled for the office but comfortable enough for lunch dates or running errands.
  • T-shirts for casual days or as a comfy first layer.
  • Leggings made for everyday wear in hues that go with virtually any tops or tunics.
  • Strap tank tops that help you feel cute through pregnancy and postpartum.
  • Shorts to keep things easy and breezy on warm weather days.
  • Rompers that are ever-so-soft and make maternity fashionable.
  • Underwear with the perfect fit and feel.
  • Bras that offer support without constriction.

We made this collection with mama’s comfort in mind—and because of our premium designs and fabrics, it looks as incredible as it feels.

Nest Bump: Maternity Comfort and Style

Maternity clothing can truly improve comfort, confidence, and style during pregnancy. Our carefully curated collection offers flattering pieces that are sustainable, non-restrictive, and soft to the touch—clothing qualities befitting this beautiful chapter in your life.

Shop the Nest Bump collection to find your favourite maternity pieces.