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Drop 1: Nest Designs SS24 Once Upon a Time Collection

Drop 1: Nest Designs SS24 Once Upon a Time Collection

Bedtime stories come to life in our beautiful Spring-Summer 2024 collection. Prepare to meet some whimsical storybook characters and live happily ever after with the newest Nest Designs collection, Once Upon a Time.

Get to Know Our SS24 Collection

Embark on a journey through our newest collection, Once Upon a Time, inspired by the enchanting tales of your favourite bedtime stories. This collection invites you to explore a world where style meets storytelling, featuring mythic creatures, fantastical hand-drawn prints, and a dreamy colour palette.

This season, prepare for enchanting new styles and prints that feel as amazing as they look. Get ready to discover the magic woven into each garment, bringing a touch of whimsy to your wardrobe.

Nest Designs SS24 Splish Splash print

Our SS24 Hand-Drawn Prints

This year's Spring-Summer collection introduces eight new prints full of loveable characters straight out of a storybook.

Oh Gnome! 

These friendly and helpful creatures are a woodland staple in stories. This playful print features the carefree daily moments of gnomes in their oversized hats shuffling about their day.

SS24 Oh Gnome! print


Pixie Dust

Magical little pixies are often playful beings who bring magic into the natural world. With sage hues, burgundy-infused pink and just a hint of soft yellow, these little pixies celebrate their home in the garden dressed as playful plants.

SS24 Pixie Dust print

Cloud Ponies

Graceful and free, these winged horses fly amongst the billowy sky. Dainty and elegant in soft green, blue, and purple, these pegasuses floating through the clouds are a print that appeals to any age group.

SS24 Cloud Ponies print

Mushroom Magic

Cuter than an ordinary fungus, these happy mushrooms help brighten your day. Various fungi around the forest floor show off how lovely a day can be when you add a smile. This print offers a colour palette featuring rose and red, an excellent mix of neutral and bold.

SS24 Mushroom Magic print

Splish Splash

Take to the deep sea and swim amongst mermaids, fish, and coral. This undersea print offers a glimpse into the fantastic life under the surface, featuring curvy lines that mirror the movement of water.

SS24 Splish Splash print

Ocean Wonders

What legendary creatures exist under the sea? Welcome to the hideaway of mythical sea creatures that inspire tales of lore and adventure. The earthy hues of this print illustrate how easily these creatures can camouflage into their surroundings—blink, and you may miss them.

SS24 Ocean Wonders print

Fairy Tale

Fairies and butterflies enjoy a quiet morning flitting amongst the bluebells. With soft colours accentuating the fairies' delicate wings, this print depicts the charming magical creatures always ready for adventure.

SS24 Fairy Tale print

Dragon Dance

We released this print early to celebrate the Year of the Dragon. These gorgeous pastel dragons create a soft appearance for these formidable creatures.

SS24 Dragon Dance print

Breathable Fabrics, Cozy Styles

Nest Designs fabrics always feel amazing. We source oh-so-soft materials, such as bamboo, cotton, and avocado, to make high-quality products for babies, children, and adults. With this collection, we chose materials to help you feel comfortable, even on hot days. Learn more about these materials on our Fabrics page.

The best stories start with “Once upon a time…” it’s a line that begins many great adventures and evokes imagination and feel-good stories. This line inspired our latest collection; we hope you love it.

Find feel-good fairytale prints available now. Shop the Once Upon a Time collection today.