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By getting to know our fabrics like we do, you’ll be able to make the best choice for you and your bubs. 

We hold ourselves and the fabrics we choose to a high standard because we care about your babies like they’re ours. That’s why we’ve taken a deep dive and rated our fabrics against 6 key factors. These Fabric Features will help you better understand our products and choose the best one that suits you or your bubs’ needs. 

 Fabric Features

The Six Factors

We’ve rated each of our fabrics against 6 factors including sustainability, softness, antibacterial properties, best for sensitive skin, breathability, and overall durability. Each of these features have been rated on a scale of 1 to 10. If a fabric scores a 10, then it is best suited for that specific need. For example, if your baby is struggling with skin sensitivities like eczema, you may care more about fabrics that rate higher on the factors Best for Sensitive Skin, Antibacterial, and Breathability. 













 Fabric Features

A Deeper Dive into Our Fabrics

1. Sustainability

Being eco-conscious is always on the top of our minds. That’s why choosing a material that is sustainably grown, harvested, and processed matters to us. When a material scores high on the sustainability scale, it means that the material was processed using less water and energy and has a small carbon footprint. Our GOTS certified organic cotton ranks the highest amongst our current fabrics lineup because it not only uses natural processing methods but doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals or GMOs. 

2. Softness

A baby’s skin is soft, marshmallowy, and delicate. We believe anything that touches their skin should be just as gentle. When we rate a fabric high on softness, the product is buttery soft and has the perfect amount of squish that’ll make your baby feel comfortable throughout the day and night. One of our softest fabrics is our new Signature Avo Fabric, an unbelievable soft blend of avocado fibers, bamboo, and cotton.

3. Antibacterial

A baby is constantly exposed to germs. A fabric with antibacterial properties means that when your baby sweats, the fabric will prevent the growth of any odor-causing bacteria on contact. Also, the material stays fresher longer and keeps your baby comfortable. Our fabrics that are naturally the most antibacterial include our bamboo silk, bamboo muslin, and bamboocel.

4. Best for Sensitive Skin

If your baby is struggling with eczema, a fabric that is gentle on their sensitive skin will help them feel comfortable. Anything that touches their skin can cause irritation. A material that is great for sensitive skin will meet our criteria for being buttery soft, hypoallergenic, breathable, and antibacterial. Natural fibres like our GOTS certified organic cotton and Signature Avo Fabric are great options for babies with sensitive skin. 

5. Breathability

Babies aren’t able to regulate their temperatures like adults can. When they sweat, a fabric that is breathable will allow air to flow through, help to regulate their temperature, and keep their skin cool and comfortable. Our fabrics that score high on the breathability scale include our bamboo muslin, Signature Avo Fabric, Bamboo Jersey, and Silk. 

6. Overall Durability

As part of our sustainability commitment, we want our products to last and be passed from child to child. Our GOTS certified organic cotton and french terry are meant to stand the test of time. However, fabrics like bamboo muslin are buttery soft and will get softer after every wash, but may naturally pill over time as a result. We love all fabrics including bamboo muslin. Like all fabrics, bamboo muslin has its pros and cons. When blended with other fabrics like our bamboocel and Signature Avo Fabric, it becomes more resistant to being washed and stays marshmallowy soft like your baby’s skin. 

 Fabric Features

The Scorecard

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