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The Sustainable Gifting Edit: Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

The Sustainable Gifting Edit: Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

Going to a baby shower for a friend or colleague that is into sustainability? Give them an eco-friendly gift. In this gift guide, we share gifts that are made from sustainable, non-toxic materials that are durable and have longevity.

Going to a baby shower for a friend or colleague that is into sustainability? Give them an eco-friendly gift. Choosing an eco-friendly gift for a baby and moms will start their journey on this planet with a small carbon footprint. Eco-friendly gifts are not only good for the earth but can be for new bubs and mama too. In this gift guide, we share gifts that are made from sustainable, non-toxic materials that are durable and have longevity. 

Eco-friendly materials 

Fabrics are not all equal and when it comes to eco-friendly clothes, it can be tough to know what exactly is sustainable. Here are our favourite fabrics (in no particular order): 

  • GOTS Certified Organic Cotton: GOTS stands for ​​Global Organic Textile Standard, a certification that ensures fabrics meet strict criteria when it comes to chemicals used during growth, harvesting, processing, and dying. It is harvested with less water and energy than regular cotton which makes its carbon footprint significantly smaller too! We love using it for little bubs because it is super soft, hypoallergenic, and breathable making it gentle on a baby’s delicate skin. 

As a company, we’re proud to say that we don’t use any toxic chemicals or dyes. The white clothing in our Organic Basics collection you see on our onesies, shirts, pants, and underwear is the fabric’s natural colour and is not dyed or bleached without any harmful chemicals. 

  • Bamboo: Little ones love bamboo as much as we do! Buttery soft, breathable, and lightweight are just some of the reasons you see bamboo in many of our products. Like Organic Cotton, bamboo is hypoallergenic, antibacterial gentle against a baby’s delicate skin making it great for little ones with skin issues like eczema. Bamboo can grow a meter a day without any pesticides or chemicals - a lot like tree grass - making it an eco-friendly fabric. 
  • Bamboo
  • French Terry: French Terry is a mid-weight fabric that feels plushy, soft, and cozy. It’s made from 100% organic cotton, so you can feel assured that you’re bubs is wearing something that is free from toxic chemicals and dyes. 

  • Curious about fabrics? We go into the fabrics we use here at Nest Designs and what we love about them in our Fabric Features guide here

    Eco-friendly gifts for babies


    With all the spit-up and accidents, babies always need clothes! Most of the time, new moms receive clothes enough for the first six months and need to buy clothes for the rest of the first year. While newborn clothes are super tiny and cute, a new momma would appreciate clothes beyond the six-month mark.

    Here are some favourite picks: 

    • Sleep Bags: These are wearable blankets that babies need once they outgrow the need to be swaddled. Sleep bags keep babies safe at bedtime once they start rolling. If you’re looking for a gift that is great right from the newborn stage and grows with the baby, a swaddle sleep bag is the perfect gift! The swaddle wings on our swaddle sleep bags can be easily removed once bubs starts rolling. Nest Designs’ sleep bags come in a range of TOGs to suit different room temperatures and materials like Organic Cotton and Bamboo. 
    Nest Designs sleep bag

    • Footed Sleep Suits: Our footed sleep bags or sleep suits is a Nest Designs’ signature product. As pioneers, we’re proud to say that we were the first in the industry to release footed sleep bags. Since 2016, we’ve made over 11 versions of footed sleep bags. Footed sleep bags are like cozy, zip-up pyjamas that can be worn alone or with another layer to keep babies on-the-go safe while they sleep. Like our sleep bags, they’re available in different TOGs and materials. 
    • Rompers: These make adorable daytime outfits for little ones as they explore and learn about the world around them. They come in a variety of different prints and materials like French Terry and bamboo. New parents love these because we make snaps at the bottom that make it easier for diaper changes. Our 2-way zipper rompers make it easy to change babies.
    Nest Designs romper
    • Onesies: A first-year essential, these make great daytime and nighttime outfits. We make both short and long sleeve onesies. They can be worn alone or with a pair of adorable leggings. Depending on the sleep bag or footed sleep bag’s TOG rating, onesies can be worn as an additional layer for sleep.

    Fitted Crib Sheets

    A crib is a place where a baby spends the majority of their time sleeping especially as a newborn. Having a fitted crib sheet keeps them safe while they’re sleeping. As part of safe sleep guidelines, it is not recommended to have anything loose in a baby’s crib. A fitted crib sheet ensures that a baby stays safe if a baby moves around while they sleep. Nest Designs makes our fitted crib sheets from bamboo and organic cotton. These materials are soft, hypoallergenic, and breathable, helping a baby with delicate skin sleep comfortably. We also love bamboo because it is antibacterial and helps prevent the growth of anything that can irritate a baby’s skin or make them sick. 

    Nest Designs fitted crib sheet


    Loveys make the best cuddle buddies for little ones. They can give bubs a sense of comfort and safety during big transitions like going into daycare. Loveys are generally recommended for kids  over a year old especially if they’re going to sleep with them. We make our loveys from bamboo and organic cotton, making them super soft, plushy, and what we feel makes for the best snuggling. 

    Cloth Diaper Cakes 

    A diaper cake is a baby shower essential but let’s make it eco-friendly! If you’ve got a sustainable mama friend that is planning on cloth diapering her bubs, you can help her get started with a cloth diaper cake. Add some extra items like a stuffie as a cake topper, dry baby wipes, and Bubs Baby Washcloths for a colourful, fun cake layer.

    Nest Designs bubs washcloth


    Play Mat & Activity Gym

    When a newborn baby isn’t napping or sleeping, they’re busy with tummy time and playtime! Nest Designs Play Mat & Activity Gym in Fresh Forest is the perfect plushy spot for just that. Made with rayon from bamboo and organic cotton, it’s soft and gentle on a baby’s skin. The toys offer visual stimulation for a baby’s brain development. The hanging toys can be moved around depending on a baby’s interest at the time. Once a baby outgrows the hanging toys, the arches can be removed to be a play mat!

    Nest Designs play mat

    Eco-friendly gifts for new moms 

    It takes a village to care for a new mom and baby. These gift ideas help a new mom transition into her role whether it’s her first, second, or third baby. 

    Nursing Pyjamas

    Nest Designs’ nursing pyjamas are great for expecting moms right thru their transition into being a mom. They have an elastic waistband with adjustable tabs that can make a growing belly more comfortable. When it comes to nursing, the pyjamas have quick snaps along the front for easy nursing access and button snaps on the shoulder that holds the top up. 

    Nest Designs nursing pyjamas

    Nursing Cover

    When it comes time to feed, our nursing covers give a mom and her baby privacy. Made from bamboo, it’s breathable and helps keep both mom and baby comfortable while baby is nursing. Nest Design’s nursing cover includes a matching mini pouch that make it easy to store in a diaper bag and takealong on outings. 

    Pillow with a Silk Pillowcase 

    Postpartum hair loss can happen to moms at around 3 months. Silk pillowcases are usually recommended to help manage postpartum hair loss. Help her maximize sleep with the gift of a silk pillowcase with a plushy soft Poplin Pillow! These pillows are an exclusive addition to our big kid pillows which have become a household staple. They’re made from cotton and filled with Sorona®, an eco-friendly, fully biodegradable filling. These pillows are perfect for warmer nights because they’re naturally hypoallergenic and breathable. 

    Nest Designs poplin pillow

    Eco-friendly Gifts That Last 

    Giving an eco-friendly gift is not only good for a baby and mom but great for the environment. These gifts are made from materials that are gentle on a baby’s delicate skin, durable, and timeless - making them easy to be passed from child to child or mom to mom.